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Zara – Head Over Heels [1988]

Photobucket Country Germany         

Style Hi-Tech AOR

Rating 84/100

Band Members Hermann Weindorf – Vocals,texts (also on Klaus Doldinger’s Passport), Berthold Weindorf – Saxophon, Clemens Weindorf – Horn, Keyb.,Vocals, Alphons Weindorf – Drums, Percussion,Vocals, Maximilian Spenger – Keyb.,vocals, Walter Schwarz – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Tracks 01. White Man, 02. Lovin´ Makes The World, 03. Beaujoulais, 04. Head Over Heels, 05. Why Live In A Dream, 06. Fairytales, 07. Little Lilly, 08. Passion Play, 09. Time Ahead, 10. Sunshine, Moon & Stars, 11. Sleeping Beauty Bonus), 12. Open Arms (Bonus)

Profile In the beginning there were four little ones a very musical family, who wanted to combine their individual skills in a common project. The supplemented by two more solo sextet, they gave the name Zara Thustra. That great religious founders had dominated in the 7th century BC, the Persian folklore and historical beings decisively. On this basis, take the South German who breathe a monotonous a la Modern Talking about sinking German pop music new life. Specifically these are:
Zara Thustra: the magical and romantic character of the music due to the influences of the late Romantic period, from the musicians masterfully worked into a synthesis of modern music, jazz and rock. Since Zara Thustra the texts play a significant role, each piece is meant to be for a short story, which is on allegorical and mystical way, some problems of the time, some mental reflections. This means Zara Thustra kidnap her perfect interplay between text and music in a dream world and show the headphones on, the gentle-harsh reality, without leaving the impression of a raised index finger. Zara Thustra bring their music with the German musical tradition to life and set the foundation for a knowledge that goes back to classical ideas without being conservative. (Product Facts for Eiskalt LP)

The supporters of the Round Table musical acknowledge their intense relationship to classical music or late Romanticism. The second LP “Psychopoly” (published in October 1983) maintains this basis, it builds from the same time, however. In fact, Zara Thustra placed in magical poetry of the problems and experiences of the people of our time dar. The song “Silence” is a eulogy to love. A tragic – for lost production during the LP-Hermann wine village of his wife and companion. The intense experience and this experience is reflected in “silence” again.

The sextet Thustra Zara, which understands itself as a “torch in darkness” and refers to seem, even with the 3rd Album, “Knights of the new era” bring the German musical tradition to life. Hermann wine village also attracts musical and thematic parallels between the past and present. “This is the knight in positive terms, meant a fight, which for an ideal, a belief in something seen as a content and strength.” This is also the piece of “Hannibal” is to understand… “He is a symbol as long as there are people, there must be such Hannibal had Without them humanity can not develop Whether a train across the Alps or a flight to the moon, the positive protagonist, which are based on growth and degeneration do not believe in is important. ” “The Golden Ball”, known from the fairy tale “The Frog Prince” is a symbol of power and is a parable about happiness. “Atlantis” is about the dreams that you want to reach you. “Symphony of faith” is a relationship song, “This has to do with personal matters such as the death of my wife (says Hermann Wine Village) But actually, it can all take credit for what he feels in the moment..” With “The Great Plan,” we find a musical trilogy. The Italian opera singing recalls the beginning of the period Verdi, is a wistful look at the 19 Century and the power of melody. This is brutally interrupted by an emphatic present time beat. In the German Reprise the return to the origin of the tune is called for and defended. “Heart of Stone” describes the process again in fairytale form of hardening and the subsequent liberation. Alfonso Weindorf wrote this song. He also developed “Once”, which refers Hermann wine village as “fashionable piece” on the LP. A prophetic piece that the audience wants to call for alertness. The apocalyptic mood to “fire on the horizon,” concludes the song cycle and consequently the realization that it is now time to orient themselves.


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