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Vanity Ink – More Senseless Random Behaviour [2009]

Country Finland          Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members
Annabella – Vocals, Juha Bandit Guitars, Jussi – Guitars, Miki Peltola – Bass, Sam Junni  -Drums

01. Smell The Party (3:08), 02. Let’s Go Down (4:26), 03. Fine By Thursday (3:52), 04. Breathe (4:27), 05. Rolling Stones (3:49), 06. Versus (4:34), 07. A Song On The B-Side (3:39), 08. Modern Day Saviour (4:26), 09. On Sue (3:01), 10. Rock And Roll (3:00), 11. Everybody More, Everybody Get Hurt (2:07)


“Vanity ink” is a female fronted hair/sleaze metal band from Finland. “More Senseless random behavior” is their second full length album bringing out a new air of confidence of the band. Although the majority of Scandinavian female fronted metal bands tend to have a very polished studio production, “Vanity ink” embrace the sleaze ideology delivering a surprisingly raw yet infectious album. You can expect rock’n roll guitar riffs and speeding drums blended with playful lyrics and macho attitude. 

Overall the dominant theme on “More Sensless…” is partying in sleaze style (rather than love/hate themes) so you can expect a very upbeat album going nowhere near melancholy or moodiness. I would say that the most characteristic element of the “Vanity Ink” sound is that all backing vocals are sung by the guys in a loud manner contrasting in a very appropriate way with the female lead vocals a fact that also intensifies the `party’ element on the release. Personal favorites: “Smell the party”, “Versus” and “A song on the B side”

Most importantly in terms of style and performance “Vanity Ink” is as competent as any other credible modern sleaze metal band; the female vocals by no means inhibit the sleaze atmosphere, on the contrary they reinforce it, being the source of their distinctive style. For fans of hair/sleaze metal that have not experienced a female fronted version, this is an undisputed must.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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Vanity Ink - More Senseless Random Behaviour [2009], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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