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Trek – Blessed To Feel [1994]

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Country Russia

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Nik – Guitar,backing vocal, Bob Kotov – Vocal,percussion, Al ”Destroyer” – Bass,backing Vocal, Luka – Drums, Peps – Guitar,backing vocal,harmonica

Tracks 01. Crystal Ball, 02. Bikers, 03. Free Spirit, 04. Sounds Of Your Days, 5. I’ll Be Waiting For You, 06. You Fucking Crazy, 07. Blessed To Feel, 08. The Angel Of Death, 09. Give Me Love 10. Rock’n’Roll, 11. We’ll Meet Again

Profile The band formed in 1977 but the lline-up complited in 1980. In 1982 they release their first magnitoalbom. The band continue writing songs in the 80s and performing in times till 1990 when they took pact in a festival in Moscow where they received an invitation to participate in Soviet-Japanese festival in the city of Wakkanai. In 1991, the group participated in the Soviet-Japan-American festival in Vladivostok. In 1995 they release their first album “Blessed To Feel”, gain lots of success while a fan club were formed.

In 1996 they took part in Russian-American festival in Vladivostok where they celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dan McCafferty. The band where active till 2006. A year later the main power of the group guitarist and composer Yuri Miroshnichenko (Peps) and singer Vladimir Kotov formed again the band to celebrate the 30th years of the band. Currently the band perform under the name Trek Division. I f you like AC/DC then you like these guys also. 


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