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Terri Nunn – Moment Of Truth [1991]


Country USA          

Style AOR/Pop/Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Terri Nunn – Vocals, Bob Griffin – Bass (2,3,6,9,11), Billy Ward – Drums (3,5,7,11), David Z. – Drums (2,4,6,8,9,10,11), Karl Hyde – Electric Guitar,Acoustic Guitar,6-string Bass,Backing Vocals, David Z. – Guitar (3,5,6,8,10,11), Tim Pierce – Guitar (2,5,7,8,9,10,11), Ricky Peterson – Keyboards (2,3,5,6,7), St. Paul Peterson – Backing vocals ((2,3,7), David Z. – Drums (3,8), Andrew Flashman – Piano,Organ,Keyboards, David Z. – Sitar (2,3,4,10), Karl Hyde – Sitar, Randy Castillo – Drums on “Confession Time”, Bruce Kurnow – Harmonica on “Desire Me”, Tim Pierce – Acoustic Guitar on “Once Upon a Time”, Levi Seacer, Jr. – Bass on “Moment of Truth”, Kenny Holman – Saxophone on “Moment of Truth”, The Steeles – Background Vocals on “Let Me Be the One”, Mark Leonard – Bass on “Let Me Be the One”, Mark Leonard – Keyboards on “Let Me Be the One”, Levi Seacer, Jr. – Guitar Solo on “Let Me Be the One”, David Z. – Distorted Bass on “89 Lines”, David Z.,Levi Seacer,Jr.Patti Peterson,Ricky Peterson – Background Vocals on “Who’s Gonna Take You Home Tonight”, Mark Leonard – Bass on “Who’s Gonna Take You Home Tonight”, The Steeles – Background Vocals on “Go Ask the Lonely” , Levi Seacer, Jr. – Bass Solo on “Go Ask the Lonely”, St. Paul Peterson – Bass on “Go Ask the Lonely”, St. Paul Peterson – Guitar on “Go Ask the Lonely”, Ricky Peterson – Keyboards on “Go Ask the Lonely”, Mark Leonard – Bass (credited as Psychochrist Bass from Hell) on “Too Far to Fall”, Billy Ward – Drums on “Too Far to Fall”, St. Paul Peterson – Bass on “Fly by Night”, Billy Ward – Drums on “Fly by Night”, Levi Seacer, Jr. – Guitar on “Fly by Night”, Jason P. Delaire – Saxophone on “Fly by Night”

Tracks 01. Confession Time, 02. Desire Me, 03. Once Upon A Time, 04. Moment Of Truth, 05. Let Me Be The One, 06. 89 Lines, 07. Who’s Gonna Take You Home Tonight, 08. Go Ask The Lonely, 09. Too Far To Fall, 10. Fly By Night, 11. Diane

Profile “Moment of Truth” is the debut and sole solo album from American singer and actress Terri Nunn, best known as lead singer of the American New Wave/Synthpop band Berlin. The album was a commercial failure, whilst the lead and sole single “Let Me Be the One” also suffered a similar fate after being released in January 1992. “89 Lines” was released as an American promotional single only. Due to the failure of the album, Nunn would not record another solo album although she would later retain the legal rights to usage of the band’s name after legal wranglings with the founding member of the group, John Crawford. Nunn recreated Berlin, with a new lineup of musicians, in 1998. In a late 1990s interview with Nunn for Electrogarden, Nunn explained that she originally left Berlin as she wanted to try new styles of sound and music.

In an article based on Nunn in Hollywood Bowl, the article mentioned the album, writing “Moment of Truth allowed Terri to branch out creatively and experiment with a variety of styles including rap, pop ballads and straight up rock ‘n’ roll.” In a 1996 article by The Telegraph-Herald based on the reformed version of Berlin, it stated that Nunn “dismisses Moment of Truth as a transitional album. The album’s songs were written from 1988 to 1991 by various composers, with Nunn receiving writing credit for six of the eleven tracks. In a March 1992 interview/article with Beaver County Times, Nunn spoke of the album’s writing and her musical growth. “When I wrote this album, I’d planned to expose myself a lot more with my writing. All of the musicians I grew up idolizing and loving, that’s what I loved about them – David Bowie, Grace Slick, Bonnie Raitt. They exposed themselves and how they were growing through their music. That helped me as a person, as well as listening to the music and getting off on the oral high. It was a communication.”

On an interview whilst promoting the album for CNBC, it is revealed that the album was lyrically more personal to Nunn than the Berlin albums. “Desire Me” was based on sexual desire. When asked in the interview how Nunn got into the mood of writing “Desire Me”, Nunn replied “It came out of two weeks of being extremely horny. There wasn’t anybody around at the time, I wasn’t in a relationship, and so at least something came out of it.” The song “Once Upon a Time” was written based on Nunn’s own father’s suicide, whilst “Diane” speaks of domestic abuse (from husband to wife). In interview/article with Beaver County Times, Nunn spoke of both tracks, stating “The hardest song was the song about Dad. That took me three years, just pulling it out, trying new things. I got to resolve a lot through the process. Wife abuse (“Diane”) is a definite message to a friend. The truth helps write the song and the song helps bring the truth around.” The song “89 Lines” speaks of racism, with Nunn portraying a black male.

The album was recorded at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, whilst “Confession Time” was recorded at Ocean Way Recording. It was mixed at Paisley Park Studios and Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles. Moment of Truth was produced by and mixed by Prince’s Paisley Park Records producer, David Z., although the track “Confession Time” was produced by British engineer and music producer Steve Brown. The album was released in America via DGC Records during late 1991 and in Europe via Mercury Records during early 1992. In America, the album was released on cassette and CD, whilst in Europe the album was only released on CD. In 1991, a special American CD promo sampler was released featuring a total of eight tracks. Four Berlin hit tracks were used; “Take My Breath Away”, “No More Words”, “Sex (I’m A…)” and “The Metro”, whilst four tracks from the Moment of Truth album were used; “Let Me Be the One”, “89 Lines”, “Who’s Gonna Take You Home Tonight” and “Fly by Night”.

The single “Let Me Be the One” was released in America, the UK and Japan, whilst the promotional single “89 Lines” was released in America only. Both singles were released on CD only. Today, the album remains available both brand new and second-hand from online stores for cheap prices. It is also available on iTunes as a download. The song “Confession Time” was later performed live and released on the Berlin live album Live: Sacred and Profane, released in 2000. It remains the only song to be taken from Nunn’s solo career and added to Berlin’s live set.


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