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Tor Talle – Songs From The Heart [2001]

Country Norway Style WestCoast AOR Rating 78/100 Band Members Tor Talle – All instruments, Egil Orvedal – Bass,loops,keyboards, Roar Sanders – Saxophone, Jorn Lande,Lena Landstad, Inge Ronny Kvale,Lena Skjerdal – Vocals, Bjorn Tore Aroy – Backing vocals Tracks 01. Don’t Turn Away, 02. After Love, 03. Midnight Sun, 04. Dreamzone, 05. I Wanna Know, 06. […]

Chris Wells – Rooms With Color [1993]

Country USA Style WestCoast AOR / Melodic Rock Rating 80/100 Band Members Chris Wells – Vocals,guitars, Al Jacobs, Karl T. Himmel, Bob Wells, Gary Clement, Roger Kimball, Donny Braud, Ronda Dupont, Richard Toups, Errol Trosclair, Don Prosperie, Tim Dusenberry, David Rhodes, Shannon Swain, Stacy Boudreaux, Terry McMillan, Melanie Boudreaux, Jimmy George, Waylon Thibodeaux, Tony Poincot, […]

Westpoint – Face To The Sea [1983]

Country Norway Style Melodic Rock / WestCoast AOR Rating 83/100 Band Members Leif Digernes – Vocals, Oyvind Lied – Vocals,keyboards, George Keller – Piano,percussion,guitars, Erland Hansen – Guitars, Jon Eberson – Guitars, Martin Foldal – Bass, Jarie Moley – Drums, Kari Gjaerum – Backing vocals, Alix Wangberg – Backing vocals Tracks 01. Faced To The […]

5 Visions – Woke Up This Morning [1994]

Country Denmark Style WestCoast / Lite AOR Rating 78/100 Band Members Torben Kramer – Vocals, Johnny Kramer – Drums, Jacob Sejer – Keyboards, Bo Wibrandt – Guitars, Morten Hedemann – Bass Additional Musicians Gry Johansen,Jan Eliasson – Backing vocals Tracks 01. The Shadow, 02. The Love We Have, 03. Woke Up This Morning Profile 5 […]

Chaps – World Keeps On Turning [1998]

Country Sweden Style Melodic Rock / WestCoast AOR Rating 77/100 Band Members Joacim Müllo – Vocals,guitar , Mikael Ohlsson – Vocals,keyboards , Fredrik Nilsson – Bass,backing Vocals , Anders Tuväng – Drums,backing Vocals Tracks 01. World Keeps On Turning, 02. Flyin’ High, 03. Hold On To Now, 04. Love’s The Answer, 05. Wide Open Skies, […]

Rolf Graf – The Boy Next Door [1985]

Country Norway Style WestCoast / Hi-Tech AOR Rating 83/100 Band Members Rolf Graf – Vocals,bass,keyboards, Egil Eldoen,Tor Endresen,Frank Adahl,Alixzandra – Vocals, Per Lindvall,Per Hillestad – Drums, Svein Dag Hauge,Henrik Janson – Guitars, Sigurd Kohn – Saxophon, Peter Ljung,Geir Langslet – Keyboards, Stale Rasmussen,Amund Enger,David Chocron,Anita Skorgan,Solfrid Stene,Berit Lohne Stene,Tove Rodde,Per Oystein Sorensen,Hakon Iversen,Renate Allsing – […]

Thesis – Rising In The Wind’s Eye [1989]

Country Netherland Style WestCoast AOR Rating 75/100 Band Members Eddy van Braam – Vocals, Theis Grobben – Bass, Bertjam Meijer – Drums, Filco Kruit – Guitars, Andre Bijleveld – Keyboards,backing vocals Additional Musicians Engelbert Kuipers – Keyboards,backing vocals,saxophone,bass,guitars Tracks 01. So Good, 02. Change My Heart, 03. Wait For Me, 04. One Time Ten Times, […]

Face Why Face – Signs To Set [1994]

Country Germany Style WestCoast AOR/Melodic Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Simon Fetzer – Guitars, Wolfgang Berg, Torsten Krill, Dirk Blumlein – Bass, Markus Binder, Mattias Grabmann – Drums Additional Musicians Alex Gunia, Annie Haigis, Arnd Geise, Catrin Haug, Eva Wolf, Jost Nickel, Katrin Birrer, Marcio Doctor, Sabine Van Baaren, Susanne Vogel, Torsten Dechert Tracks Don’t […]

Dave Bootle – I’m in Trouble [1994]

Country Canada Style WestCoast AOR Rating 79/100 Band Members Dave Bootle – Vocals,piano Tracks 01. Love to be Near you, 02. Sometime, 03. Australia, 04. I’m in Trouble, 05. Baby Come Back, 06. Weekend, 07. Hurry on Home, 08. Who’s the One you Love, 09. Love will Have to Wait for me Profile “I’m In […]

Angeles – Fade In Love [1991]

Country USA Style Melodic Rock/WestCoast AOR Rating 80/100 Band Members Michael Landau – Guitars, Brett Raymond – Keyboards,hammond, Gregg Bissonette,Richie Hayward,James Kottak – Drums, Paulinho Da Costa,Sean Yarbrough – Percussion, Dave Koz – Saxophone, Peter Kent,Sid Page,Bob Becker – Strings, Peter Beckett,Gene Miller,Brett Raymond,Joe Retta ,Joseph Williams – Vocals, Tom Keane,Marc Jordan,Brett Raymond,Joe Retta,Joseph Williams […]

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