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Talisman – Demo [1989]

Country USA Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 83/100 Band Members Erin Stricklen – Vocals, Jon Chakerian – Guitar,backing vocals, Tony T – Keyboards,backing vocals, Craig Hill – Bass,backing vocals, Jeff Moszer – Drums Tracks 01. Holding Out For Love, 02. Struck By Lightning Profile California based female fronted band acted in the late 80s. Well […]

Tale – Jamie [1988]

Country Sweden Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 77/100 Band Members Thomas Thörnholm – Vocals,piano,keyboards,backing vocals Magnus Andersson – Bass, Jonas Andersson – Guitar, Jan Dahlqvist – Drums,percussion Tracks 01. Jamie, 02. Love is all About, 03. Trugania (Instrumental) Profile Tale, featuring producer/songwriter and music player Thomas Thörnholm who worked with Eddie Meduza, Jan Johansen and […]

Cornel Band ‎– I Gonna Live Forever [1988]

Country Sweden Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Cornel Grigoriu – Vocals,guitars, Goran Alnestrand – Drums, Paul Borjesson – Bass, Anders Tonnang – keyboards Tracks 01. I Gonna Live Forever, 02. All That I Need Profile Gothenburg short-lived based band, brainchild of Cornel G, released this single privately back in 1988 on just […]

Academy These Are The Dreams / Milk Energy [1989]

Country Sweden Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Henrik Bladh – Vocals,guitar, Patrik Sahlgren – Drums, Michael Pyykkö – Keyboard, Stefan Hammarström – Keyboard, Per Andersson – Keyboards,percussion, Magnus Engdahl – Bass Tracks 01. These Are The Dreams, 02. Milk Energy Profile Academy was a rockgroup from Västerås, Sweden released this single back […]

City – Lord of the Universe [1987]

Country United Kingdom Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 80/100 Band Members Julian Tewkesbury – Lead/backing vocals,guitar,bass, Rachel Warrilow – Keyboards,backing vocals, Alexa Aggett – Bass,backing vocals, Steve Spittle – Drums,backing vocals Tracks 01. Streetlight , 02. You Broke Down the Walls, 03. Lord of the Universe, 04. Tomb Breaker, 05. Sunshine, 06. Enemy, 07. Angie, […]

Rock Twice – Rock Twice [2020]

Country Germany Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Ulli Zett – Guitars, N.K. Robin – Keyboards, Gina Johnson – Vocals, Marty Priest – Bass, Joe G. Farmer – Drums Tracks 01.Hellfire, 02.World Skate Day, 03.Fake News, 04.Your Second Life, 05.That’s Not You, 06.Little Soul, 07.Easaly, 08.Eleanor Rigby, 09.Want Your Soul, 10.Always Right, 11.Evry […]

Trader – Trader [1986]

Country USA Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Tracks 01. Streetlife, 02. Down Rosie Profile Young five piece band from Montery, California who released just this two tracker. Both songs are great melodic rockers with lots of incredible vocals and great uptempo songs. This band had a great style that could put anyone […]

Xader – Xader [2012]

Country Spain Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 84/100 Band Members Carlos Valera – Vocals, Tonete – Guitars,backing vocals, Hugo “Cris” – Guitars, Diego Rois – Keyboards,backing vocals, Ricardo Pena – Bass, Dani Valle – Drums Tracks 01. Intro, 02. Aulla al Viento, 03. Cenizas de Ansiedad, 04. Sin tu Voz, 05. F-Zero, 06. Dime si […]

Charity – e.g. [1992]

Country Austria Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 83/100 Band Members Manfred Blach – Lead/backing vocals, Christian Colombini – Bass,backing vocals, Gerhard Feimer – Drums,percussion,backing vocals, Gerhard Pichler – Guitars, Eva Maria Matejka – Keyboards,backing vocals Tracks 01. Calm Before the Storm, 02. Stay With me, 03. Cover me, 04. Save up all your Love Profile […]

Nuthin’ Fancy – Drive Me Crazy [1993]

Country USA Style Melodic Hard Rock Rating 78/100 Band Members Greg Hall – Guitars,vocals, Ray Dzierzek – Guitars, John Chester – Bass,backing vocals, Barry Miles – Drums,backing vocals Tracks 01. When we Rock, 02. I’ll Always Love you, 03. Somewhere in the Night, 04. Reeling, 05. Boys are Back, 06. Candle in the Wind, 07. […]

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