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Return of the Living Dead Part II

Country USA          Genre Comedy/Horror          Year 1988

01. Looking For Clues
(Japanese Version Only)
Performed by Robert Palmer

02. Spacehopper
Performed by Julian Cope

03. High Priest of Love
Performed by Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction

04. I’m The Man (Def/Uncensored Version)
Performed by Anthrax

05. Big Band B-Boy
Written by Kurtis Mantronik and Touré Embden
Performed by Mantronix

06. Alone in the Night
Performed by Leatherwolf

07. A.D.I./The Horror of It All
Performed by Anthrax

08. Bad Case of Lovin You (Doctor, Doctor)
(Japanese Version Only)
by Robert Palmer

09. Flesh To Flesh
Performed by Joe Lamont

10. The Dead Return
Performed by J. Peter Robinson

11. Monster Mash
Produced by Ken Scott
Written by Bobby Pickett & Leonard L. Capizzi (as Leonard Capazzi)

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