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Snake Heart – Csak Neked! [2000]

Country Hungary          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Herr István – Lead guitar, Vincze ‘VINSAINT’ Zoltán – Bass, Kas Viktor – Drums, Varga F. Zoltán – Keyboards, Raczkó ‘Bond’ Balázs – Lead vocals,guitar

Tracks 01. Nekem csak te vagy, 02. Ne engedj el, 03. Tudjon élni, 04. Melléd állok, 05. Te meg én, 06. Suttogók, 07. Élet, szabadon, 08. Csak neked, 09. Távol tőled, 10. Ez vagyok én, 11. Néma vagyok, 12. Ez a dallam, 13. Éretlen csalás, 14. Szebb jövő

Profile The Snake Heart Band was founded in 1992. In ’93 Released their first demo, which was the occupation of the White Lion , Skid Row , and Sing Sing band compared. The response was so good that Snakeheart straight to the clubs and found himself in front of the big bands. They could act as a Student Island, toured the Sing-Sing, and then the best rock clubs could sleep stage.

In ’94 Darányi off the band. In March 1995, Rick Horvath also leaves the band, replaced by Zoltan Vincze became the new bass player. The second guitar instead of a keyboard next to the kids decide. George came into the picture so hard. In 1995, three-track demo made. Snakeheart style of the band is often mentioned in the Hungarian Bon Joviként well. Adding the first return after the concert, Szentendre . Spring of 1996, the band Sing Sing national tours were. In September 1996, they won the E-Club “hope of the Year” award.

This is their second record released in 2000 and hard to be found in nowdays, consist of 14 hard rock songs brought together high quality, mature concept. The concept of religion thoughtful sheet material, each being part of a varied and elaborate pieces. Acoustic recordings, soft, slow and funky hit songs are alternating, rich background vocals.

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