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Shining Line – Shining Line [2010]

Country Italy          Style AOR

Rating 88/100

Band Members
Pierpaolo “Zorro 11” Monti – Drums, Amos Monti – Bass, Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, background vocals, Marco “Dandy” D’Andrea – Lead guitar, Mario Percudani- Lead guitar

01. Highway Of Love, 02. Amy, 03. Strong Enough, 04. Heaven’s Paths, 05. Heat Of The Light, 06. Can’t Stop The Rock, 07. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words, 08. The Infinity In Us, 09. Still In Your Heart, 10. Homeless Lullaby, 11. Follow The Stars [European Bonus Track], 11. This Is Our Life [Non European Bonus Track], 12. Unbreakable Wire, 13. Under Silent Walls Part I, 14. Under Silent Walls Part II, 15. Under Silent Walls Part III


In 2006 there was “Avalon- the Richie Zito project”, in 2007 “Voices of Rock-MMVII”, in 2009 “Voices of Rock- High & Mighty”; while in 2010 the gap is to be completed by “Shining line”.

What do the above projects have in common? They all featured a songwriting core that composed and performed on the album while all vocal performances were contributed by a cast of who’s who lead singers of the melodic rock/hard rock world.

“Shining line” features a larger than ever cast of lead singers including Eric Martensson, Robin Beck, Michael Bormann, Michael Erlandsson, Harry Hess, Robbie le Blanc, Michael Shotton Phil Vincent and Michael Voss; plus duets of Sue Willets and Bob Harris, Ulrich Carlsson and Carsten Schulz. Finally there is a multi singer track featuring Brunorock, Jack Meille, Graziano De Murtas and Alessandro Del vecchio.

So with 17 overall lead singers this is by far the largest AOR/melodic hard rock project to date. But who is really behind `Shining line’ and the driving force of the project?

The `Shining line’ concept was developed in Italy by masterminds Pierpaolo Monti on drums and Amos Monti on bass; the rhythm section brought on board lead guitarists Marco D’andrea and Mario Percudani plus veteran keyboardist Alessandro del Vecchio and this is the instrumental core of “Shining Line”.

In terms of songwriting `Shining Line’ is equally as good as the previous all-star AOR/melodic project (or perhaps slightly better). As you would probably expect from such a diverse cast of musicians, the material here features fun-time AOR, dramatic mid tempo tracks, intense and flamboyant rockers, ballads and everything in between (plus two instrumental tracks, a real surprise!)

It is hard to guess how the band managed between so many vocalists, compositions to deliver such a diverse but overall substantial melodic rock monument. And I very much feel as congratulating the Monti guys for undertaking such a daunting task while also bringing it to fruition.

Every song on `Shining Line’ is developed close to perfection; personal favorites include the opening `Highway of love’ a very radio friendly AOR tune, `Strong Enough’, `Can’t stop the rock’, `Follow the stars’ and the incredible melodic testament that is `Unbreakable wire’.

Finally, the mixing and mastering of the album was conducted by Michael Voss the driving force behind the `Voices of Rock’ projects.

With 15 tracks of melodic gold and 17 guest lead vocalists `Shining line’ is one of the most ambitious AOR/melodic hard rock projects ever and it does deliver on that promise!

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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Shining Line - Shining Line [2010], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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