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Vyper – Prepared To Strike [1984]

I just have to comment that I can not think of any glam/sleaze metal fan or 80s rock collector that would not be attracted to the cover artwork of this album. Even through I knew nothing about the band upon purchase, the name, the artwork the colors, immediately drew me to this release.

This 2008 release by `Retrospect records’ features their 1984 album “Prepared to strike” plus a couple of tracks from their 1985 EP “Afraid of the dark” originally released in 1985. Overall the release features 15 songs which make for a complete dose of mid 80s glam metal. The band consists of Christy black on lead vocals, bass player Rik Brock, the incredible guitar duo of Robbie Saint and Jacky Foxx and drummer Michael Scott.

“Viper” were indeed totally stylish, yet as the material on this album proves, it is not style over substance; this is all heavy/melodic guitar oriented glam metal and while the lyrics are filled with glamour and sung in poser style, one may find them to be kind of dark commonly sending out a message of warning to the listener. So this is definitely NOT the radio friendly glam metal (which I find equally appealing)that would dominate the charts in the second half of the 80s. This is glam metal as it was first conceived- being too flashy to be considered underground while at the same time being too heavy and outrageous to be conquering the mainstream.

If I had to compare this album with another better known debut of the same era that would be “King Kobra”. Note the title similarity between “King Kobra- Ready to strike” and “Vyper – Prepared to strike” and I do believe that says a lot not only in terms of concept but also in terms of sound.

A must for any fan of Hair/Glam/Sleze metal, especially for those attracted to the raw and uncensored Glam metal of the mid 80s.

Band Members
Christy Black – Lead Vocals
Jacky Foxx – Guitars
Michael Scott – Drums, Backing Vocals
Rik Brock – Bass, backing Vocals
Robbie Saint – Guitars

01. I’m Not Waiting (3:40)
02. Cold As A Stone (5:13)
03. Diamonds (3:19)
04. Nighttime Is Wild (5:28)
05. Runnin’ With The Pack (3:50)
06. Can’t Stop Dreamin’ (4:18)
07. Dealer (4:09)
08. Climbing Up The Walls (4:25)
09. Drivin’ Me Insane (4:09)
10. She’s Nasty (4:43)
11. Daddy’s Girl [2008 Bonus Track]
12. Go Down Rockin [2008 Bonus Track]
13. Afraid Of The Dark [2008 Bonus Track]
14. Time Flies [2008 Bonus Track]
15. Dealer {Original Demo} [2008 Bonus Track]

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