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Vanity Blvd. – Rock ‘N’ Roll Overdose [2008]

Vanity Blvd is a female fronted Glam/Sleaze metal band from Sweden. “Rock `n roll overdose” is their debut album, originally released in 2008. The band features singer Cindi Savage, Traci Trexx on guitars, bass player Roxxy and drummer Frecko.

In terms of sound “Vanity blvd” has been compared to early “Motley Crue” and indeed most of the riffs here are reminiscent of “Too fast for love” and “Shout at the devil” however, the lyrics are quite playful while the choruses are filled with loud backing vocals making the overall tone of the album considerably brighter than `…Crue’. Also there are certain parts where the glam/sleaze element is dropped completely with “Vanity Blv” sounding like a classic hard rock band. I suppose the best example is the case of the mid-tempo, almost ballad, “come dance with me” and “since you’ve been gone”.

As a fan, I would stand on the faster and considerably heavier “Private Hell” and “share my pain” which are prime examples of uncompromising sleaze metal, making direct reference to the classic sound that founded the `Sleaze’ genre in the early 80s. So although based on Sleaze metal, the “Vanity Blvd” debut expands into neighboring styles of glam metal and occasionally hard rock. A very promising band and one is looking forward to their follow up album.

“Classic Rock” UK magazine (issue 138) marks this album with 8/10 commenting: “Remember the first time you heard Poison’s `Look what the cat dragged in’? The songs on `Rock’n’roll overdose’ are equally as memorable.”

What you might find amusing is that there is another band of similar name called “Vanity Ink”; even more surprising is the fact that this is also a female fronted Sleaze band with similar sound hailing from Finland. So if you are interested in exploring female fronted Glam/Sleaze metal you should try these two very promising bands.

Band Members
Cindi – Lead Vocals
Frecko – Drums
Marty – Guitars
Ted – Bass
Traci – Guitars

01. Talk Of The Town
02. Sweet Saturdaynite
03. Private Hell
04. Share My Pain
05. Summer Teaze
06. Come Dance With Me
07. Nasty Girl
08. 4 The Love Of Rock N Roll
09. Feed My Obsession
10. Since U Been Gone

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