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Vain – Rolling With The Punches [2017]

Cult sleaze metal band Vain have returned with their new studio album, “Rolling With the Punches”, on March 24, following up their 2011 critically acclaimed “Enough Rope”.  It has been twelve years since their reformation and the release of their comeback album “On the line”, still Vain have been active in the meantime touring the United States and Europe. Vain are out to prove that they are neither down nor out..  but instead they got something to prove.

A lot of bands from the 80s have tried to revitalize what they once were and what they once had, but fail to quite get it. Vain has always had it with all of their releases. Having played the new album a good number of times, one has to agree that “Rolling With the Punches” is the closest Vain have come to recreating the vibe and sound of their iconic debut “No Respect”.  For that matter we are not just talking of infectious material but songs that hold tons of drama and a glimpse of hope, reaching the very definition of musical glamour. That is largely due to the abilities of the musicians which go beyond the stereotypical hair metal group. Add to the fact that Davy Vain’s voice has aged so well. The early Vain releases contained a slightly high treble tinge to the vocals, but “Rolling With the Punches” shows a vocalist who has went from memorable / instantaneously recognizable to being one of the best sounding / recorded voices hitting the airwaves right now.

Vain have always had phenomenal blends of glam, metal and rock oriented drums, guitar and bass on their songs and nothing has changed. Songs like “Deliver the Passion”, “Long Gone N”, “It’s a Long Goodbye”, “Show Your Love” and “Bury Some Pain” are prime examples of the high quality of the new album. Add in a very well produced / recorded album full of catchy, fun and just damn entertaining songs and you will have one of the best sleaze releases of the year. “Rolling With the Punches” bares all the unique elements that separated this band from the rest of the Sleaze scene of the 80s, while also pushing the boundaries of their songwriting.

Band Members
Ashley Mitchell – Bass
Danny West – Guitar
Davy Vain – Vocals, Guitar
Jamie Scott – Guitar
Tommy Rickard – Drums

01. Rolling With The Punches
02. Deliver The Passion
03. Long Gone
04. Dark City
05. Bury Some Pain
06. It’s A Long Goodbye
07. Inside Out
08. Don’t Let It Happen To You
09. Sacrifice
10. Show Your Love

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