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Tyketto – Love Don’t Come Easy [1991]


It’s 1991 and rock is becoming diluted with mediocre bands sounding tired and dated. Grunge is just around the corner. Danny Vaughn and co. didn’t read the script and hit us with their debut offering “Love Don’t Come Easy”.
I’m not gonna say it’s the best album ever or that it’s a classic, but it’s a hell of an outstanding album. Tyketto’s debut album “Love Don’t Come Easy” is known as one of the best melodic rock releases by fans of this genre.

Vocalist Danny Vaughn has one of the best voices in rock music and still today is releasing some fantastic music. Danny put Tyketto together after leaving Waysted who released only one record “Save Your Prayers” with him on vocals. They brought in Richie Zito (White Lion, Eddie Money) to produce this disc and the result was fantastic. When I first listened to this record I just couldn’t believe it. The band is as tight as you could possibly wish but the big feature is of course the mighty vocals of Danny Vaughn. His pipes have enriched many a record to date. The band rhythmic backbone is provided by Michael Clayton on drums and Jimi Kennedy on bass. And all of the boys sing backing. The guitar playing of St. James is simply amazing. Fantastic riffing and solos. Their sound was built in choruses so big, you can see them coming from the last verse of the previous song.

The track that starts this album really did get the ball rolling for the band. I respond to the title of “Forever Young”, with an explosive opening words of absolute class work by that excellent guitarist, especially in the rhythm phase, by the name of Brooke St. James. A well written song in mid tempo with a very strong chorus, solid vocals and you think you’re in for a treat…The song was the first single and video from the album and got regular play on Headbanger’s Ball back in the day and to this day is still one of the most played songs in UK rock clubs. A real masterpiece. So many songs from this album could have been huge hits but Geffen did nothing to promote these guys and refused to give them the cash to make a second video but the band funded and made the video for “Wings” themselves. “Wings” is a crisp up beat track, with a lovely chorus accompanied by some nice flowing acoustic guitars before the sonic six string antics of St. James kicks in.

Danny Vaughn sounds great on this track and is one of my favorites here. An excellent catchy AOR tune that deserved to be all over the radio but with lack of promotion by the label the song didn’t get the airplay it should have. Other highlights on this record are “Burning Down Inside” which was a Journey type rocker features another cool guitar solo, big drum sound as well some keyboard bursts through the middle and for once more Danny Vaughn’s voice shine here. The semi acoustic “Seasons” starts off good but like the previous tune it’s nothing we haven’t heard before but still it’s quite good and easily could have been released as another single. Metal bands in the late 80s and perhaps even more in the early 90s had to include at least one ballad on every album. I don’t know if all these rockers were in love with ballads ot if they thought we were….Tyketto are not exception and “Standing Alone”, the record’s ballad is jammed packed with raw emotion. Propably the best vocal performance of Danny Vaughn’s career.

This power ballad explodes with an unbelievable chorus that the band felt so strongly about releasing as a single that they did a remix version for their next album and released a video for it. “Lay Your Body Down” is another hit with capital letters, a pure 80s cheese metal. A fun song with a catchy chorus to die for. Worth checking out. Next track “Walk on Fire” starts with a great acoustic intro before a huge riff kicks off a massive rocker and “Nothing But Love” is another rocker with a solid bass line not one of my favourites here, however, this isn’t a filler song by any means. Danny Vaughn is a fan of the blues and shows it on “Strip Me Down” as he breaks out the blues harp on the intro and body of the song. The track hard without compromise, with guest appearance of a harmonica. A funky track and very up beat. “Sail Away” ends the album with an up tempo acoustic/electric mix and a really nice chorus that will have you singing along long after the record has finished. A very cool and up beat way to close out Love Don’t Come Easy.

The album it doesn’t sound dated to me now because the songs are just that good I don’t care what type of music you call it. This album will not disappoint those who like a hard edge to their rock. Tyketto was a hell of a band for instance and this album will remain as a testament of an era of very good melodic hard rock. If you’re a fan of melodic rock this really should be an absolute in your collection…

Band Members
Danny Vaughn – Lead vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica
Michael Clayton – Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Jimi Kennedy – Bass, backing vocals
Brooke St. James – Electric and acoustic guitars, sitar, backing vocals

Additional Musicians
Richie Zito – Keyboards, guitars, vocals
Arthur Barrows – Keyboards
Alan Pasqua – Keyboards

1. Forever Young
2. Wings
3. Burning Down Inside
4. Seasons
5. Standing Alone
6. Lay Your Body Down
7. Walk on Fire
8. Nothing But Love
9. Strip Me Down
10. Sail Away



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Tyketto - Love Don't Come Easy [1991], 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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