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TNT – Tell No Tales [1987]

Tell No Tales was the third album released by these Norwegian metal heroes. It was TNT’s second album to be released internationally, and also their second album with American singer Tony Harnell at the helm. TNT worked themselves into a tidy little niche with Tell No Tales by straddling the lines between icy European “power metal”, wimpy AOR, and stuff-a-rolled-up-sock-in-your-pants hair metal. If that sounds like a tasty little stew for ya, then you’ll enjoy Tell No Tales.

The vocal performance of Tony Harnell may not suit everybody, as he sings in a high register that could shatter glass. I actually really enjoy his groin-rattling performance. Just when you think he can’t go any higher, he hits another, even higher, note. For him, it’s as easy as ordering cold cuts at a deli. Meanwhile, guitarist Ronni Le Tekro had some impressive technical chops. He had a modern style (for 1987) that might call to mind the work of Yngwie Malmsteen. Ronni gave TNT some metal credibility to counter Harnell’s girlish singing.

Tell No Tales is a glossy, polished record with a hint of the regal. Favorites include the rockin’ lead track Everyone’s A Star, the shameless AOR pomp of 10,000 Lovers (In One), which happens to be the album’s most well-known cut, and the infectious Listen To Your Heart. Tell No Tales contains two ballads, which are actually my least favorite tracks on the album. The closing number, the title track, is the record’s lone over-the-top metal romp. Hair metal with class.

Band Members
Deisel Dahl – Drums, Percussion
Morty Black – Bass, Pedal Synthesizer
Roni Le Tekro – Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer
Tony Harnell – Vocals, Harmony Vocals

01. Everyone’s A Star (3:21)
02. 10,000 Lovers (In One) (2:54)
03. As Far As The Eye Can See (3:41)
04. Sapphire (:17)
05. Child’s Play (5:16)
06. Smooth Syncopation (:49)
07. Listen To Your Heart (3:18)
08. Desperate Night (3:30)
09. Northern Lights (4:09)
10. Incipitis (:50)
11. Tell No Tales (2:21)

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