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Soto – Inside The Vertigo [2015]

Jeff Scott Soto returns with his new album which is a strong return to the metal style he is known for and showcases his powerful vocal style along with a very good group of musicians. Produced by Soto with assistance from Edy Cominato and Connor Engstrom, Inside The Vertigo sounds like a mix tape of all the most influential hard rock and metal bands that have influenced Soto’s style.

There are songs that sound heavy like Metallica, progressive like Dream Theater, commercial like Nickelback, and funky like Talisman. All these styles are presented well and are held together by the glue that is Jeff Scott Soto. Highlights include the huge riff and solo of opening track “Final Say”, the massive chorus and intense solo of “Break”, the superb arrangement and interesting production style of the epic track “End Of Days”, the moody power ballad “When I’m Older”, and the very groove based riff of “Jealousy” featuring some killer synth overdubs.

The Japanese edition features the bonus track “Leave It All Behind” which is a very strong track with more great guitar riffs and keyboard overdubs that really fits the album nicely and is highly recommended. Despite the fact that Inside The Vertigo doesn’t offer anything you haven’t already heard before, it is a very well produced and well performed hard rock metal album that stands strong in the Jeff Scott Soto discography and will easily feature as one of the best albums of the year.

Band Members
BJ – Guitars & Bass # 10
David Z – Bass [Live]
Edu Cominato – Drums # 3, 5, 7-11 Keys # 8
Jeff Scott Soto – Lead & Backing Vocals
Jorge Salan – Lead Guitar # 9 Guitars # 12

01. Final Say
02. The Fall
03. Wrath
04. Break
05. Narcissistically Yours
06. End Of Days
07. Inside The Vertigo
08. When I’m Older
09. Trance
10. Jealousy
11. Karma’s Kiss
12. Fall To Pieces

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