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Seduce – Too Much, Ain’t Enough [1988]

Seduce! Those searching for the holy grails of American glam/sleaze metal, here’s one for ya! Seduce was a Motor City trio that never broke through to mainstream success despite kicking some serious ass. Too Much, Ain’t Enough (I.R.S. ) was a gritty, heavy offering that flew in the face of conventional glam metal at the time by forgoing the typical over-polished approach for a raw, loose n’ lethal sound.

Too Much, Ain’t Enough features down-tuned, heavy riffing courtesy of David Black, erratic drumming from Chuck Burns, and excellent vocals by Mark Andrews (also bass). Side one of this album is damn near perfection! Seduce painted a picture of a somewhat sad Detroit existence in a world of junkies and fast-fading dreams. Check out Watchin’, and No Use if you want your tits toasted. If I had one complaint about Too Much, Ain’t Enough (besides the weak cover art), I would say that Chuck Burns made some really unorthodox choices with his drumming.

At times his drumming can be a bit distracting, and he doesn’t always keep time. Then again, I much prefer this wild style to the boring and over-produced drum sound found on so many late eighties glam/sleaze banquets. Side two drops off just a hair from the insane awesomeness of side one. Accusations is probably the least godly track on the album. The finale of Too Much, Ain’t Enough is The Slider, a T. Rex cover.

Band Members
Chuck Burns – Drums
David Black – Guitar
Mark Andrews – Bass, Vocals

01. Any Time Or Place (3:01)
02. Watchin’ (3:55)
03. No Use (4:09)
04. Been So Long (3:18)
05. Too Much, Ain’t Enough (3:36)
06. Crash Landing (3:27)
07. Empty Arms (4:40)
08. Accusations (2:49)
09. The Slider (3:30)


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