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RTZ – Lost And Found [2004]


RTZ (Return To Zero) began as collaboration between ex – Boston members Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau after the recording of the classic “Orion The Hunter” (Goudreau’s project) album, where Delp did some vocals as guest. Some demos were done (mostly with “Orion…” members as back up band) but shelved.

Around ’88 Delp contacted Goudreau to work together again and RTZ was officially formed. They had a lot of material and Barry’s studio available, then dozens of tracks were demoed. RTZ signed a contract but the debut album (Return To Zero) was delayed until 1991. As group, RTZ only performed a national tour and then disbanded. Many of the songs discarded from the 1989-90 sessions were packaged into the 1998 release “Lost”.

By 2003, an italian label ask the duo to release their recent album “Delp & Goudreau” in europe, and Goudreau compiled more demos from the very early sessions of RTZ to make a double offering. That’s it “Lost And Found”: the ’80s recordings on one CD, plus “Delp & Goudreau”.

I’ve never been a big fan of their self titled debut, but these ‘old tapes’ are pretty good classy mid-eighties AOR. The first 4 tracks are the best, obviously the ones recorded circa 1985-6, good good stuff. Also ‘Winners And Losers’ has an eighties strong scent (reminds me FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS). There’s also some pleasant songs more 80-83 rocking oriented, and a couple from the late ’80s sessions, being ‘Power Of Love’ the highlight. As for the “Delp & Goudreau” disc, well, this album was relentlessly destroyed by the critics. The truth is it ain’t half bad, just not their finest moment. A ‘personal’ album, including a couple a good tracks, but mostly for BOSTON die-hard fans.

This collection of ’80s tunes was reissued later in the U.S. as “Lost in America”, but the european double pack has become very hard to find nowadays. In my opinion, “Lost And Found” is a very nice slice of upbeat american rockin’ AOR, and worth a place in your collection. Good Stuff.

Band Members
Barry Goudreau – Guitars
Brad Delp – Vocals
Brian Maes – Keyboards
David Stefanelli – Drums
Tim Archibald – Bass

01. One Step Away (3:37)
02. Fool For Love (4:16)
03. Such A Feel (3:44)
04. Rise Above It All (4:37)
05. Social Disease (4:59)
06. I’m On A Roll (4:21)
07. Rock The Night (3:55)
08. Winners And Losers (4:28)
09. Better & Better (4:24)
10. Power Of Love (3:28)
11. Show Me (3:28)

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