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Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy [2016]

Canadian hard rock band Monster Truck released their second full length album “Sittin’ Heavy” in 2016. While admittedly I did not know very much about these guys going in, after several short minutes of hearing the thunder of their guitars I was hooked. The band has really upped their game and is definitely going to make people take notice with this release.

Monster Truck essentially plays a late ‘70s inspired blues-rock that automatically made me think of two bands: Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. The band plays a heavy and focused style of rock (possibly with a metal feel here and there) similar to early ‘90s Soundgarden, while echoing the social lyrics and awareness of Ozzy-fronted Sabbath. The band have really grown and matured as songwriters from their debut album “Furiousity,” as well as got an absolutely over-the-top production job that adds serious clout to an already impressive album. The songs are all really radio friendly and have some catchy choruses that allow the band to draw in more of an audience, but the catchiness never enters into the realm of pop-rock that would alienate longtime fans. Favorites from the album are “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” “For the People” and “The Witch,” but the greatest percentage of the album is really listenable and fun.

If you like ‘70s inspired blues-rock or hard rock in general then you should check Monster Truck out. It seems tough for me to imagine any hard rock fan not liking these guys, and it is definitely possible that they will reach a whole new audience with this monster of an album.

Band Members
Brandon Bliss – Organ, Vocals
Jeremy Widerman – Guitars, Vocals
Jon Harvey – Vocals, Bass
Steve Kiely – Drums, Vocals

01. Why Are You Not Rocking?
02. Don’t Tell Me How To Live
03. She’s A Witch
04. For The People
05. Black Forest
06. Another Man’s Shoes
07. Things Get Better
08. The Enforcer
09. To The Flame
10. New Soul
11. Enjoy The Time

Jonathan Weller

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