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Melidian – Lost In The Wild [1989]

Originally released in 1989, Lost In The Wild was the debut (and only) release from American melodic rock band Melidian, whose sound walked the line between polished melodic rock and the popularHollywood“hair metal” sound.

Melidian were formed inNew Yorkin the late 80s by singer Chris Cade and bassist Dave Clarke Howell, and after singing a deal with CBS had already started recording an album at Triumph’s Metalworks studio with producer Thom Trumbo before the band even had a solid line-up. With Peter Greene behind the drum stool and the album half done, Cade decided he wasn’t happy with what was happening and moved the project back to New York, where they soon picked up keyboard player Eddie Wohl and guitarist Jayson Lane from local hopefuls Saige after that band’s singer Al Fritsch had just left to join another CBS act, Drive,She Said. The music is hair metal all the way with a strong keyboard presence and tons of great melodies to match the killer guitar hooks. In fact, they enhance many of the tunes and elevate them to a greater status, giving them character and mood. Chris Cade’s vocals are rough and definitely has a swagger to his approach, while David Clark Howell definitely rocks. He puts his heart and soul into his music and it shows.

I cannot speak highly enough of this album. Not only there are no fillers, but all nine tracks are great. The genuinely exciting opener “Ready To Rock” kicks things off, having one of the best hard rock riffs around and an epic sound with some nice key parts from Eddie Wohl, followed by another good rocker and one of the highlights in here “Livin’ Under The Gun” with its mind blowing chorus, the great guitar work of Jayson Lane and a totally melodic tune that will hang you on the wall. Other songs such as the hard rocking tune of “Fire Up The Heart”, the singalong riff-fueled rocker “Hands Off” and the awesome “Overheated”, are delivered effectively and should delight fans of Big Rock Us classy. Of course, no one can escape the extremely beautiful power ballad “Sleepless Nights”. A keyboard led power song with great lyrics and if this song was their first single/video, then they might have had their lucky break, because this song alone makes it all worth to check out the new re-issue of this 1989 release, while the other ballad of the album “Broken Toys” is a surprisingly poignant personal slow tempo tune that is similary produced to the point of death. A genre-spanning big production number that’s brilliantly put together with inventive guitar lines, fabulous pompy keyboards and some original percussion effects, which proves how great band Melidian actually was. The big rock and  album’s title “Lost In The Wild” and the up-tempo “Top Of the Rock” closing this masterpiece with a cool change of pace in the middle.

This band was criminally underrated in their time. They had the perfect formula for late 80s hard rock. It’s not an essential album, but if you’re a fan of the 80s melodic rock and hair metal styles, Melidian is well worth checking out.

Band Members
Chris Cade – Lead vocals, guitar
Eddie Wohl – Keyboards, drum programming
Jayson Lane – Lead guitar, vocals
Dave Clark Howell – 5 string bass, vocals
Pete Green – Drums
Mark Falchook – Additional keyboards
Michael Foucault – Additional guitars
Benny Harrison – Additional backing vocals
Greg Lotz – Drum programming

1. Ready to Rock (4:33)
2. Livin’ Under the Gun (3:17)
3. Fire Up the Heart (4:01)
4. Sleepless Nights (4:05)
5. Hands Off (3:15)
6. Lost in the Wild (3:42)
7. Overheated (4:15)
8. Top of the Rock (3:16)
9. Broken Toys (4:48)


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