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Love Cream – First Taste [2013]


Out of Adelaide, South Australia this four piece has all the swagger and talent of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Van Halen and Doors. In a time where the golden age of rock is long since over and ukulele-wielding, cardigan-clad, non-prescription glasses wearing bedwetters dominate the guitar-based music scene, Love Cream ascend to right wrongs and return all things ballsy back to music. They’ve got complex riffs – yes they’re in loud – but some rock sounds better loud!!! They kick out riffs that blow your hair back and push your eardrums deep into your head…

The vocalist has some great pipes, excellent song structure and phrasing if only a teeny bit unnecessarily self-indulgent in some places. The quality of the songs will crap your attention from the first song and you will stuck till the last one while in musical prodigy we met Casey Jones (ex-De La Cruz) and ARIA nominated producer Matthew Hills.

From the opening song “Open your Business” an amazing rocking tune with roaring guitars filled with groove, great crunchy vocals and nice soloing you have a first taste of what will follow. Hear the opening guitar riffs of their second track “B.D.L.” (Back Door Lover) a song that easily can gain airplay success, having groove guitars and a memorable chorus.  On “Spend the Night Together” we met the other side of the band in a more sleazy style, actually a straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll song with infectious guitar riffs and a powerful chorus to hear loud. “Love Train” is my personal anthem with energetic guitar riffs, an awesome soloing and great vocals – and when someone refers to a guitar as an Axe, these guys take that Axe out and knock down buildings! In the same energetic rhythm is “Why Not Me?” with another impressive guitar work and great vocals while “Smokin’ Bitch” reminds me the golden era of AC/DC, a groovy song with great bass line and guitar hooks.

“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” has that 80s hard rock style with a professional sound, affective guitar riffs and a die-hard melodious chorus that should be played loud in all radio stations. “Hot in the Dark” move to a more melodic rock paths with strong guitar riffs, the ballad “Sweet Mary” with a lovely chorus and harmony backing vocals that I totally love and “Woman (I’m Gay for your Lovin)” a song with strong bass line, rocking riffs and a blues feel close the album in the best way.

If you want in your face classic grounded rock in the kind of rock AC/DC likes to have front them, the kind that beckons comparisons to all-time classics like Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc., the stuff that rips your speakers apart and pisses off the fuddy old neighbor – then pull this out, turn it up LOUD……

Band Members
Vinnie Dynamo – Lead Vocals
Mick Gallo – Vocals, Drums
Nick Robinson – Guitars
“Sexy” Phil Parker – Bass

01. Open for Business
02. Back Door Lover
03. Spend the Night Together
04. Hot in the Dark
05. Love Train
06. Sweet May
07. Woman (I’m Gay for Your Lovin’)
08. Why Not Me?
09. Smokin’ Bitch
10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

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