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Lord Tracy – Deaf Gods Of Babylon [1989]

Lord Tracy released this little-known album in 1989 on Uni Records (a sub-label of MCA Records). What distinguished Lord Tracy from their peers was their sense of humor and their experimental nature. There are a lot of different styles attempted on Deaf Gods Of Babylon, with some working and some completely missing their mark. The result is an album that is ridiculously inconsistent but a fun one nonetheless.

Hey, it is a bit refreshing to come across an original band like Lord Tracy in a sea of late ’80s wannabe-hair-bands. In the end, they are no richer for it, but they should be commended for their independent spirit. By the way, Lord Tracy’s singer was Terrence Lee Glaze, who was Pantera’s singer on their first three albums (as Terrence Lee).

I must say, the production on Deaf Gods Of Babylon is superb. The album sounds very robust with a heavy bottom end. The bass is boosted in the mix which is nice because the bass lines are very interesting at times. The album opens on a plain note with a straightforward rocker called Out With The Boys. The second track is a marked improvement — the funked up East Coast Rose. Side one also features the crackin’ Watchadoin’ and the absolutely sublime mellow gem Chosen Ones. Side two features two more well-crafted tunes — the pop-rocker In Your Eyes and the ballad Foolish Love.

Unfortunately the end of side two kind of falls apart with Lord Tracy dicking around with too many joke songs and half-assed stuff. There is even a rap song. I wish they had used their energy to come up with two or three more serious compositions. Nevertheless, Deaf Gods Of Babylon is most definitely one to seek out!

Band Members
Chris Craig – Drums
Jimmy Rusidoff – Lead Guitars
Kinley Wolfe – Bass
Terrence Lee Glaze – Vocals, Guitar

01. Out With The Boys (3:53)
02. East Coast Rose (5:50)
03. She’s A Bitch (4:33)
04. Barney’s Wank/Whatchdoin’ (4:50)
05. Chosen Ones (5:49)
06. In Your Eyes (4:11)
07. Rats Motel (3:39)
08. Foolish Love (3:54)
09. She Man Blues (0:21)
10. King of the Nighttime Cowboys (3:12)
11. 3HC (1:25)
12. Submission (2:35)
13. Pirahna (2:09)
14. Ivory Lover (0:24)

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