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Laney’s Legion – Laney’s Legion [2014]


The talented rock-producer around that moment Chris Laney is back with his brand new band called “Laney’s Legion” with a raunchy sleaze Rock’n’Roll album plenty of energetic songs, filled with catchy, hard driving Swedish rock with a modern twist, a mix of Shotgun Messiah, Motley Crue and Def Leppard, that will make you think of the classic hard rock and metal albums from the 80´s.

I had high expectations for this record and when finally came into my hands I knocked my balls sideways out of my pants. Huge anthems, straight up rockers, heavy thumping hard driving songs “Laney’s Legion” has it all and more. From the opener “On and On”, this is hard rock that belts you about the ears and gives you a taste of exactly what is in store for you on “Laney’s Legion”. Amazing heavy guitar riffs, huge vocals backed by harmony backing vocals with a powerful chorus to die for, followed by “Taste of Your Tongue”, a killer melodic hard rocker with a chorus designed to rip heads off, the type of song you find yourself singing along to. The fun party rock ‘n’ roll “Poptastic” is a typical 80s rock anthem with very catchy lyrics and chorus, while “Beneath the Surface” is a rocking tune with a modern sound and a very interesting sounding guitar riff in it. “Bleed Within” is the ballad of the record, a pure gem more of a good riddins type of ballad with huge chorus and melodious backing vocals that you definitely love from the first hearing.

The up-tempo “Let’s Get It On” is another brilliant rockin’ tune with a strong guitar sound that I totally like and of course another memorable chorus. “Assassin of Our Love” is a hard rockin’ anthem which sends knees flying into your stomach, making you vomit with delight. A killer song with an 80s style, amazing harmony backing vocals and an ultra-catchy chorus that will glue itself in your mind and then next up we get another ass kicker in “No One Can Stop Us” with another brilliant soaring chorus. “Hollow” and “Lady Luck” are both delicious with powerful and memorable chorus, strong guitar riffs will the way Laney ranges between smooth and gravelly singing is impressive. The closing “Legion” is somewhat heavier but still impressive and powerful.

Truly a highlight of this year, extremely melodic and powerful, rocks from every corner via strong songwriting, potent and tight musicianship with a bright production which enhances the terrific melodies on offer. A must have!!!

Band Members
Chris Laney – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Rob Marcello – Guitar & Vocals
Mats Vassfjord – Bass & Vocals
Patrik Jansson – Drums & Vocals

01. On And On
02. Taste Of Your Tongue
03. Poptastic
04. Beneath The Surface
05. Bleed Within
06. Let’s Get It On
07. Hollow
08. Lady Luck
09. Assassin Of Our Love
10. No One Can Stop Us
11. Legion


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Laney's Legion - Laney's Legion [2014], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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