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Keel – Streets Of Rock & Roll [2010]


Although his first claim to fame came with the “Steeler” album- his collaboration with Yngwie Malmsteen, Ron Keel can, in retrospect, take bigger pride on his personal musical outfit “Keel” for the accumulated sales of 2 million album copies (according to `Classic Rock’ magazine*)which by today’s music sales standards is a mega seller. Let’s get this out of the way, “Streets of Rock & Roll” is a- made in heaven- comeback for “Keel”. That is mainly because Ron seems not to be looking for modernity instead he draws inspiration from his four 80s classic albums and writes the most amazing follow up to the self titled 1987 album.

I have to honestly admit that I was hoping for a fair comeback album from Keel but never expected it to be THAT good. In what respect? Well the album is filled with twin guitar melodies, on the opening riffs on the bridges, within the solos, you name it. In addition, Ron undoubtedly sings the biggest ever “Keel” choruses with his trademark 80s vocal only now sounding ten times more determined. Plus the guitar riffs and solos are just as extensive as they were back in the day. Favorite tracks are the super melodic, “No more lonely nights”, “Hit the ground running” and the title track.

Ron Keel is not here to convince the public he has matured out from the 80s extravaganza, on the contrary he proves that he shares every bit the same passion that elevated his band into playing with the biggest selling 80s rock acts. And you can feel this is a proper reunion even before playing the album, when you concentrate on the band line up: drummer Dwain Miller, lead guitarists Mark Ferrari and Bryan Jay (whose hair is just as big as in 1986) all reunite with a fit Ron Keel whose vocals have not diminished one bit over the decades. So the “Final Frontier” line up is rebuilt (with sole exception of classic bass player Kenny Chaisson being replaced by Geno Ace).

I have to say that despite the intervening years “Keel” has not suffered losses in terms of band members, performance, image, but most importantly the will and right to Rock!!! *”Classic Rock” UK magazine (issue 142) marks this album with 7/10 commenting: “Marc Ferrari’s guitar playing is as stylish as the car with which he shares his name… why the left it so long to return?” If you enjoyed the comeback albums of “Kiss”, “Whitesnake”, “Winger”, “Europe”, “White Lion”, `Keel – Streets of Rock& Roll’ will further complete your collection.

Band Members
Brian Jay – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dwayn Miller – Drums, Vocals
Gene Arce – Bass, Vocals
Marc Ferrari – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ron Keel – Lead Vocals, Guitar

01. Streets Of Rock & Roll (4:47)
02. Hit The Ground Running (3:51)
03. Come Hell Or High Water (4:00)
04. Push & Pull (4:58)
05. Does Anybody Believe (4:32)
06. No More Lonely Nights (4:19)
07. The Devil May Care (4:23)
08. Looking For A Good Time (3:26)
09. Gimme That (3:31)
10. Hold Steady (3:55)
11. Live (4:46)
12. Brothers In Blood (3:52)
13. Reason To Rock [Japan Bonus Track]

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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