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Hurtsmile – Hurtsmile [2011]

Garry Cherone returns with a new musical project called Hurtsmile that mixes all his influences into a good quality rock record that should satisfy both his fans and fans of Extreme. The production on the album is excellent and the vocal harmonies are awesome. Guitar duties are handled by Cherone’s brother who is a great player though not in the same league as Nuno but hey who is!

The feel of the album may be a bit too varied for some fans but it is Garry’s side project so I guess he can do what he wants. Highlights include the rocking riffs of opener “Just War Theory”, the dark funk groove of “Stillborn”, the Extreme influenced sounds of “Kaffur” and “Slave”, and the quality ballad “Beyond The Garden”.

Despite failing to deliver a classic album, Hurtsmile is a very eclectic set that allows Garry Cherone to keep his musical appetite satisfied while he waits for Nuno to return with a new Extreme album.

Band Members
Dana Spellman – Drums, Percussionn
Gary Cherone – Vocals
Joe Pessia – Bass, Mandolin
Markus Cherone – Guitars

01. Just War Theory (2:41)
02. Stillborn (3:51)
03. Love Thy Neighbor (3:44)
04. Kaffur (Infidel) (4:27)
05. Painter Paint (2:31)
06. Tolerance Song (3:23)
07. Set Me Free (4:19)
08. Jesus Would You Meet Me (3:15)
09. Slave (5:18)
10. Beyond The Garden/Kicking Against The Goads (6:25)
11. Just War Reprise (4:16)
12. The Murder Of Daniel Faulkner (4699) (5:35)

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