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Hardline – Life [2019]


RATING: 4.5 / 5

“Life” is the brand new, sixth studio album by melodic hard rock band Hardline issued by Frontiers Records, marking the return of the band after a three-year absence. The album introduces two new member, guitarist Mario Percudani and drummer Marco Di Slavia, offer up a great showcase of their abilities. Johnny Gioeli sings like only he can, while Anna Portalupi pulsating rhythms and Alessandro Del Vecchio songwriting and production abilities round out a winning team.

Over the past years Hardline seem to have established a formula of their own, enabling them to come up with quality album after album. A handful of straightforward melodic hard rockers, plus a couple of power ballads, and that is very much the recipe for “Life”. Now, I suppose the title “Life” gives everything away regarding the musical orientation of the new Hardline. Indeed, this sixth album is a powerful slice of 80s oriented melodic hard rock with strong emphasis on vocals and guitars.

In comparison to its predecessor “Human Nature”, “Life” is a considerably smoother in terms of songwriting, featuring primarily direct rockers and to a lesser extent pompous composition. All performances are great, still they seem like a minor detail when considering that the band have managed to artistically express themselves to the maximum. The evidence supporting this point of view is that every song on the album has its own essence, hence delivering an entirely different atmosphere that affects directly the mood of the listener.

The opening track “Place to Call Home” is totally indicative of the approach on “Life”, performance intensity is the name of the game which materializes in double bass drumming, complementary keyboards, harmonious riffs, topped by incredible guitar melodies, while Johnny seals this incredible package with an overall excellent vocal performance. Foremost Gioeli puts on a really dramatic performance, delivering classic choruses namely “Take a Chance” and “Out of Time, Percudani turned out to be quite the guitar shredder ideally combining melody and speed in his playing while Di Salvia’s detailed drumming intensifies the overall performance.

It is advisable that you do not approach this new album with the expectation of a traditional Hardline album, rather a first rate melodic hard rock album-and there is no way one can go wrong with this new album.

Band Members
Johnny Gioeli – Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards,backing vocals
Mario Percudani – Guitars
Marco Di Salvia – Drums
Anna Portalupi – Bass

01. Place To Call Home
02. Take A Chance
03. Helio’s Sun
04. Page Of Your Life
05. Out Of Time
06. Hold On To Right
07. Handful Of Sand
08. This Love
09. Story Of My Life
10. Who Wants To Live Forever
11. Chameleon
12. My Friend

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