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Hardcore Superstar – Hardcore Superstar [2005]

This self-titled “Hardcore Superstar” album is the Swedish sleaze band’s fifth studio album, originally released in 2005. “Hardcore Superstar” marked a considerable turn in the band’s artistic direction, leaving behind sleaze rock and taking on sleaze metal.

“Hardcore Superstar” brought to front a considerably thicker sound where the rock rythm section was replaced by double bass drumming and robust bass while the guitar parts became heavier and more precise. As before, catchy choruses remain the ace in “Hardcore Superstar” s deck with “Kick on the Upperclass”, “Bag on your head”, “We don’t celebrate Sundays” and “Wild Boys” all filled with instant appeal that “Superstar” songs are known for. The production is also more `metallic’ so to speak with emphasis on the rythm parts yet ever undermining the melodic lines of each song. Once again the group justified the argument there being no such thing as a boring or uninteresting “Hardcore Superstar” song or album.

As before you will find singer Joakim Berg leading the band featuring bassist Martin Snadvik, guitarist Thomas Silver and drummer Magnus Andreasson through the twelve songs of this self-titled album. Overall “Hardcore Superstar” was the first step in a musical direction that the quartet follows to this day, effectively laying the foreground for such follow-ups as “Dreaming in a casket” and “Beg for it”.

Band Members
Adde – Drums
Jocke Berg – Vocals
Martin Sandvik – Bass
Silver – Guitar

01. Kick On The Upperclass
02. Bag On Your Head
03. Last Forever
04. She’s Offbeat
05. We Don’t Celebrate Sundays
06. Hateful
07. Wildboys
08. My Good Reputation
09. Cry Your Eyes Out
10. Simple Man
11. Blood On Me
12. Standin On The Verge

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