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Frontline – The State Of Rock [1994]

Mind blowing rock and undoubtedly one of the greatest AOR/hard rock albums of the 90’s. If you think you are a hard rock/aor fan and you STILL don’t own this record…GO BUY IT NOW!!!

Frontline formed in 1989 by Robby Boebel and Stephan Kaemmerer and in 1994 they finally released their first album entitled “The State Of Rock” that was meant to be one of the best recordings ever made in the hard rock idiom. The group consists of lead singer Stephan Kaemmer, bass player Thomas Riess, Stephan Bayerlein on drums and Robby Boebel on guitars and keyboards.
What we’ve got here is a solid album with power, heavy but still melodic solos and riffs, a very good vocalist, catchy choruses and a Journey feeling in all over their music. Every song on this album is very well practiced and clearly differentiated from the rest, the songwriting is based on incredible melodic guitar lines with strong and memorable lyrics and outweighing keyboards from start to finish. The production were done by guitarist Robby Boebel and the overall mix was finished up by Boysvoice member Manni Gruber.

With “Heaven Knows” begins our fantastic musical ride by putting you immediately to what is going to follow. A superb piece of melodic hard rock with strong guitars, effective riffs, finely crafted solos, powerful front and backing vocals and perfect keyboard passes. In the same rhythm continues “The Night Comes Over You” with more aggressive guitars, an awesome solo and Kaemmerer demonstrates melodic and clean vocals that fits perfectly to the theme and the chorus is great to shout about, giving you a tremendous feeling.

“Another Love” is one of the main jewels of this album, starts with an outstanding guitar intro by Boebel, a perfect prelude for those cozy keyboards and breathy Stephan’s voice with a catchy chorus that will blow your mind, a majestic theme from all sides. “Heaven Can Not Wait” has a great solo break introducing with impressive harmony lead and backing vocals, shredding solos and pompous keys. “Endless” is my personal favourite track having strong and rhythm guitars, very nice lyrics with easy noticing refrains, an unbelievable melodic and catchy chorus where lead and backing vocals blends harmony and majestic keyboards. A song that will stuck in your head for a long time. “Over and Out “ a mid-tempo song begins with soft keys product of the brilliant work of guitarist Robby Boebel, a fabulous hot and melodic voice from Kaemmerer and amazing guitars with strength and intensity to complete a total musical orgasm.

“Dangerous Game” is a song created directly to be classic, the perfect marriage of melody and aggressive hard rock with sharp guitars, containing basic qualifications equivalent to irresistible riff, strong and powerful vocals and grinding keyboards. “Hold On” a strong song with a hard riff and an organ runs coming in over the top. Brilliant keys, marvellous and catchy chorus with shredding solos make it memorable. “I Have to Be Strong” is an immense slice of rock with melodic and heavy moments, having a bombasting catchy chorus, lots of backing vocals, nice guitar riffs and enormous keys. “Victim of Madness” is a powerful song having a beautiful boot keyboards, simple and memorable catchy chorus without ever becoming naïve and an instant variety of hooks harmonized brilliant with the shining voice of Kaemmerer. A great album needs a great end and this comes with “It’s Not Over” a mid-tempo song with powerful refrain came from the innermost heart of these Germans and no doubt pierces our souls every time you repeat the chorus.

This is the kind of melodic hard rock that will strongly appeal to fans of Jaded Heart, Fair Warning, Bonfire, etc. A great stuff that every hard rock/AOR fan should have………. A MUST !!!

Band Members
Robby Boebel – Guitars & Keyboards
Stephan Bayerlein – Drums
Stephan Kaemmerer – Lead & Backing vocals
Thomas Riess – Bass

01. Heaven Knows (4:02)
02. The Night Comes Over You (3:31)
03. Another Love (4:10)
04. Heaven Can’t Wait (3:28)
05. Endless (3:44)
06. Over and Out (5:15)
07. Dangerous Game (3:18)
08. Hold On (4:03)
09. I Have to Be Strong (4:34)
10. Victim of Madness (3:22)
11. It’s Not Over (3:49)
12. I’m Fallin [Japan Bonus Track] (3:35)
13. Alone [Japan Bonus Track] (4:39)




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