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Friction – Baby Talk [1990]

PhotobucketWell Well, what we’ve got here……….A superb mixture between melodic hard rock (as I originally like it) and hard/glam rock similarily to No Exqze, Bon Jovi, Shy, Honeymoon Suite, etc. A truly killer rare indie, that has been re-released from Retrospect Records in 2005 as the original is hard to be found in nowdays.

The band consists by Bob Michael on lead vocals, Marty Coe on bass, Ron Lesh on Drums, Matt Gavula on keys and guitarists Marlon Scott and Dave Bennet. when I listened to it I realized that the band had great ideas for rhythm and melodies that they should have scored a record contract but unfortunately they never landed the big fish. A pretty good solid album, with a stellar production/sound, great smoothy vocals, great hooks and melody with outstanding guitar solos… Nothing is better than solos. A great collection of melodic hard rock songs and ballads that is a good spin fron the beginning to the end.

“Let The Love Begin” starts the album off with a power kick and “Down And Lonely” brings it to a nice ’80s groove. A killer hard rock tune with depth, attitude, steaming guitar riffs and a memorable chorus that defineteley will stuck in your head for a long time. The fans of melodic hard rock should be completely satisfied with this tune as I am. The album’s title track “Baby Talk” is a another fun-time rocker and a big radio hit back in ’90s with a totally catchier than catchy series of hooks, great keys and another juicy chorus that you’ll love it. A number of excellent quality tunes are coming with songs such as “Lover’s Lane”, a powerful straight forward rocking tune with great heavy guitars, a catchy chorus and lots of great riffs, and “Do Ya” with its catchy chorus that reminds me the big Def Leppard. A song with great melody,

full of big keys and a rhythm that will makes you put the volume in terminal. The “Wave Goodbye To A Friend”is a spectacular candle holding ballad dedicated to a former band member killed in a auto crash. A touchy song that will excite you deeply. The crowning moment of the album comes with the superb full-on rocker “Broken Heart Charity Ball”, a sharp and incisive slice of quality AOR in typically ’80s style while on “Past Tense” we can here a completely different style from the band with lots of technical guitar riffs and a glamorous touch but without strayed from the hard rock tone of the whole album. “Too Late To Cry” is another awesome ballad, with an outstanding harmony melody, great clean and passion vocals that brought me memories from the past. “Bed Of Roses” is another uptempo slam-dunk rocker with an emphasis on that guitar/keyboard interplay thing having a great rock tune and album closed with the audience-flavored “Rockin’ Tonight” and his memorable


So, when we talk about overrated, overhyped melodic hard rock indies, add this one to the list. Definetely an album that deserves attention from all the fans of hard rock style….

* I have to mention that Friction are on the scene going as far back as 1979!

Band Members
Bob Michael – Lead Vocals
Dave Bennett – Guitar, Vocals
Marlon Scott – Guitar, Vocals
Marty Coe – Bass, Vocals
Ron Lesh – Drums, Percussion

01. Let The Love Begin
02. Down And Lonely
03. Baby Talk
04. Wave Goodbye To A Friend
05. Do Ya
06. Lover’s Lane
07. Broken Heart Charity Ball
08. Bed Of Roses
09. Too Late To Cry
10. Past Tense
11. Rockin’ Tonight

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