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Fate – Ghosts From The Past [2011]

PhotobucketThe band made their comeback in 2006 with the “V” release which was a good effort but far away from the band’s earlier works. So, nowdays, FATE is back to offer us a very good album filled with the magic of their earlier days, delivering one of the best albums of their career. It’s punchy, strong melodic hard rock album spiced with classy AOR, melodious yet powerful. The guitar sound is melodic but, also, punchy and the extensive use of the keyboards, giving the album just a hint of fluff around the edges and rocket this album to the sky. The sound and production is good, it makes the melodies stand out and the heaviness as well as power is there to make it a heavy yet melodic album.

A lot has happened to the band since the “V” album. Jens Berglid (drums) and Mikkel Henderson (keyboards) joined the band in 2008 and gigs and festivals were played during the summer. Preparations for a new album were already started, when vocalist Per Johansson decided to leave the band. A singer from the Faroe Islands took over and he’s listening to the name of Dagfinn Joensen. The new vocalist has a clean voice, signs mostly in the higher notes and I guess that you can inn a way say that he is a bit typical AOR singer, good vocalist I would say. Earlier this year, guitarist Soren Hoff also called it quits and he’s replaced by Danish guitar hero Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force).

The record starts really well with typical the 80s keyboard sound of “Children of the Night”, a catchy melodic rocker with a very good chorus, and sets up some expectations for what is to follow. “Miracle” is another winner from this new release, mixing awesome keyboards with rockin’ guitars and again, a catchy chorus. “Seeds of Terror” has a modern vibe in it, a bit heavier I say and “Daddy’s Girl” brings back memories from the band’s previous works. This keyboard driven tune is truly faithful to Fate’s 80s style, catchy and foot-tapping. “Fear of the Stranger”, the emotion comes to the fore and also experimented with a slightly exotic melody lines, close to a more dark/epic style. Eighties AOR defines the simple but effective refrain “All That I Want”, with an outstanding guitar intro backed by fabulous keys, while the semi mid tempo “At the End of the Day” has a nice melody that reminds me of Last Autumn’s Dream. “Follow Your Heart”, is one must revel in the romantic melody, almost a mandatory ballad while on “Moving On” the song moving to modern hard rock footpaths yet very melodious with hard edge guitars and a powerful solo. It’s difficult to choose a favourite song from this album but definitely the next one certainly has stolen my impression and this called “Murder’, a slightly nostalgic, but in its dynamic style and hymnic song, with great guitar riffs and powerful yet melodic rhythm you will leave you speechless. The anthemic “The Last Time”, the great keyboard infused “The Other Side” and the fairly energetic “I Believe in Rock N Roll” closing the album.

The band is givin’ heart and soul to deliver us this brilliant album which contains impressive guitar work, powerful vocal performances and a tight musicianship, while the massive use of keyboards enriches the sound all over. My only complaint is the length of the disc, almost one hour. One hour in itself is not necessarily as problem but due to the general lack if variation in the songs it becomes one. This of course does not mean that the songs are bad only that they are not varied enough for the music to remain entertaining for the entire time the album plays. Anyway, the only problem that I have after listening to this really strong effort, is how on earth I will construct my this year’s Top 20 list with all these good releases?……

Band Members
Torben Enevoldsen – Guitar
Jens Berglid – Drums
Peter Steincke – Bass
Dagfinn Joensen – Vocals
Mikkel Henderson – Keyboards

1. Children of the Night
2. Miracle
3. Seeds of Terror
4. Fear of the Stranger
5. At the End of the Day
6. All That I Want
7. Follow Your Heart
8. Daddy’s Girl
9. Moving On
10. Murder
11. The Last Time
12. I Believe in Rock N Roll
13. The Other Side

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