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Eric Martin – Destroy All Monsters [2003]

Eric Martin is definitely one of the greatest singers of all time but Destroy All Monsters is an average release by his high standards. The music is pretty basic with very little production and a very live feel throughout. Eric Martin described the style as distorted pop and I guess that’s a good description as the songs are simple power pop tunes that you might hear by a band in any local bar – with a great singer that is!

Destroy All Monsters isn’t a bad album it’s just that there’s not really any memorable songs that make you want to press repeat and it’s about as far away from Mr Big as you can get while staying within the world of rock. Eric Martin’s vocal style is so good that it makes the album listenable for a die hard fan like me but Destroy All Monsters, despite being a fun sounding album, is one that I can only recommend to Eric Martin completists.

Band Members
AndrĂ© Pessis – Guitar
Billy Payne – Keyboards
Chris Wilson – Guitar
David Simon-Baker – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Denise Martin – Drums
Eric Martin – Vocals
Harry Hess – Backing Vocals
Jeff Watson – Guitar
John McDill – Bass
John Wuopio – Bass
Kenny Gradney – Bass
Mark Chole – Bass
Pat Gilles – Guitar
Richie Hayward – Drums
Tommy Rickard – Drums

01. What’s The Worst That Could Happen (4:32)
02. Kansas (3:35)
03. I Woke Up Too Late (4:45)
04. Jamie Won’t Open (4:51)
05. Where Are You (4:41)
06. You’re Too Good For Him (3:48)
07. Living In Black & White (4:46)
08. Something There (3:51)
09. What If (2:59)
10. I Can Die Now (4:32)
11. Burnin’ In My Mind (3:34)
12. If (Japan Bonustrack) (2:56)

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