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Eleven Bloody Men – Eleven Bloody Men [1992]


Funny name eh? In fact, ELEVEN BLOODY MEN was the strange name chosen by the artistic producer of the band HYTS to release (without their approval) this sort of CD compilation with tracks from their two vinyl-only albums.

HYTS was a San Francisco based quartet signed by a major label subsidiary in 1982. Their impressive self titled debut (’83) come out the same week as Bon Jovi’s debut and that record took off.  Vocalist Roland Little comments: “We had some success with the single “Backstabber” but the problem was the company didn’t print enough records. Just when we started to gain momentum the record was selling out and they weren’t printing them up fast enough.”  Hyts did tour with Rick Derringer, Journey and Santana but were set back again when drummer Roy Garcia fell off the stage and sustained serious injuries.

“We were really doing well. The support was there, the fans were building at each show, but we decided to wait till Roy got better. That really sucked the life out of us.  Our next setback came again from the record label. We had the second album ready to go in ’85 but they sat on it for another year not releasing it till ’86. That did us in – the tour caved. It went down hill quick after that.”, recalls Roland Little.

A pity, ‘cos HYTS was a really interesting melodic pomp band in the same league as Balance, Fortune, Arcangel or Duke Jupiter, but with a more raw edge. This album ELEVEN BLOODY MEN compiles 3 tracks from Hyts’ debut: the very good piano based “Tears Will Flow”, the catchy rocker “Backstabber” and the commercial “Lady Of The Night”. The rest of the material is from the 2nd (and better) last album “Looking From The Outside”, including their best known tune “Is He Better Than Me” (heard into the soundtrack of a cheap B-movie).

On ELEVEN BLOODY MEN is the only place where you will find some Hyts tracks on CD. Their both albums claims to be reissued entirely pronto. Very cool early ’80s pomp indeed!

Band Members
Roland Little – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Roy Garcia – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Stan Miller – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tommy Thompson – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals

01. Is He Better Than Me (3:35)
02. Looking From The Outside (4:59)
03. Tears Will Flow (4:20)
04. Backstabber (3:23)
05. Up With The Night (3:37)
06. The Show Must Go On (4:27)
07. You’re My Girl (3:18)
08. Come Back (5:08)
09. Lady Of The Night (3:24)

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