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Electrik Dynamite – Hair Denim Sex Metal [2011]

PhotobucketThere once was a time where ‘heavy metal’ was not about how low your tuning was, how brutal your vocals were or how much double kick action the drummer could belt out. Once upon a time, heavy metal encompassed more – the passion, the conviction, belief in the god of metal… oh, and the hair! That time was the 80′s. 6 souls were born from the wombs of 80′s heavy metal, these 6 souls are Electrik Dynamite!
With a band name such as Electrik Dynamite, Hair.Denim.Sex.Metal as the album title and claims of delivering “party metal”, it was a pretty safe bet that this Melbourne based 6 piece was going to deliver my style of hard rock. But what I probably underestimated was just how good this album was going to be!
With songs that transcend the course of two decades of music, epic harmonies, unforgettable melodies, 80′s keyboard flavoured pop hooks with a totally modern ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude, wrapped in an explosive live package of feel good fun and timeless rock-god stage moves, Electrik Dynamite are jumpin’ in their F-14 Eagles and settin’ their sights on electrifying the masses. With production coming from Lord Tim, front man of Australian power metal band Lord and prior to that Dungeon, it’s no surprise then to hear a real power metal sheen and stylings throughout this album.
In conclusion, this album is an easy ten. The dudes and dudette from Melbourne have done brilliantly. I haven’t heard better dual solos for a long time. The gang vocals throughout the whole album have been mixed well, and give it that extra touch of radness. There’s something about this album that tells me Electrik Dynamite could be big………….Great stuff………….Highly recommended

Band Members
Ryan Reeve (Maverick) [Vocals]
Benny Pockets (Stinger) [Drums]
Sarah Lin (Cougar) [Keytar + BVs]
Cam Slays (Flexx) [Guitar]
Lockie (Circus) [Guitar + BVs]
Lil Duane (Ice) [Bass]

1. Eternal Serenade
2. So Alive
3. Love Tonight
4. Midnight Rider
5. After Dark
6. Hotter Than Hell
7. Night Lights
8. Madsnakes
9. Built To Rock
10. Love is Fire
11. Ik Hou Van Jou
12. H.D.S.M.

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