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Edda Works – Fire & Rain [1998]

Here’s an obscure indie gem for fans of Melodic Hardrock: Edda is a Hardrock band from Hungary who released “”Fire & Rain” in 1998 at an Hungarian label. Although the songs are all sung in English, the album seems to be only released in their home country and is super hard to find anywhere else. Musically you can expect really full blown Melodic Hardrock with a bombastic sound. That means you’ll get rocking guitars, big riffs and solos as well as massive keyboards and a bombastic sound which reminds me sometimes of Royal Hunt a bit.

It starts with the outstanding titeltrack “Lost Illusions”, that features big keyboards and rocking guitars and reminds a bit of Gladstone, while “I Love Everything” combines classic guitar riffs with a Deep Purple-like Hammond Organ and leads into a fantastic memorable chorus . This is a real classic and mindblowing hardrock song. “One Last Love” is another great song with a huge hookline that reminds again of Royal Hunt at their time with DC Cooper, while “Someday” comes along with a pleasent AOR-sound, siwlring keys and sounds a bit like Tradia meets Biloxi.

Anyway… what Edda did on their album “Fire & rain” is really impressive. The sound, the production and the intelligent arrangements are absolutely over the top. Needless to say, that the guys know how to play their instruments and lead singer Attila Pataky has a great and powerful voice.

Band Members
László Kicska – Bass
Zoltán Hetényi – Drums
Zsolt Gömöry – Keyboards,backing vocals
István Alapi – Guitars
Attila Pataky – Vocals
István Csányi, Ildikó Keresztes, Péter Kovács – Backing vocals

01. Lost Illusions
02. Your Everything
03. One Last Love
04. Crazy Feeling
05. Someday
06. One-Way Ticket
07.So Long
08. Heart
09. Our Song
10. The Fall
11. The Circle
12. Heaven’s Gate
13. Love Like Magic Spell

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