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Don Dokken – Up From The Ashes [1990]

The relationship between the members of the band Dokken was notoriously dysfunctional. Lead singer Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch were always at odds, but the push and pull between the two egos seemed to work from a creative standpoint. Dokken delivered three platinum and one gold album during their original run — which ended in 1989. After the inevitable break up, it was only a matter of time before Don and George each formed their own new band. In 1990, Don Dokken’s solo band went head to head with George Lynch’s band Lynch Mob (which also included Dokken drummer Mick Brown). Don Dokken released Up From The Ashes and Lynch Mob released Wicked Sensation. You’ve got to believe these two guys wanted to prove to themselves, each other, and the world who was the real genius behind Dokken — at least in their minds. So who won? Well it depends on who you ask. I personally give the nod to Lynch Mob.

Don Dokken assembled a formidable line-up of established pros for Up From The Ashes, the most noteworthy of which was ex-Europe guitarist John Norum. Despite the new faces, Up From The Ashes sounds very much like another Dokken record. Don was obviously content with sticking with the Dokken formula. Up From The Ashes is more of the same commercially viable melodramatic rock with strong guitar work, except this time it’s Norum delivering the solos and not Lynch.

Up From The Ashes could actually be called Dokken-lite due the high percentage of ballads and quasi-ballads on tap. I guess it shows the direction Don wanted to take with Dokken if Lynch hadn’t been there to challenge him. In truth, I find Up From The Ashes just a bit uninspired — only because it plays it so safe. By staying within his comfort zone, Don Dokken appeased his fading fan base but did little to attract new fans or bring back the Dokken fans that had moved on.

Band Members
Billy White – Guitars
Don Dokken – Vocals, Guitar
John Norum – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mikkey Dee – Drums, Percussion
Peter Baltes – Bass, Backing Vocals

01. Crash ‘N Burn (5:03)
02. 1000 Miles Away (5:00)
03. When Some Nights (4:27)
04. Forever (5:16)
05. Living A Lie (4:38)
06. When Love Finds A Fool (5:34)
07. Give It Up (4:11)
08. Mirror Mirror (4:36)
09. Stay (4:28)
10. Down In Flames (5:11)
11. The Hunger (5:03)

Jeff from “Play it Loud”

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