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Devilfire – Black Soul Vendetta [2020]

Melodic hard rock quintet from Birmingham, Devilfire are back with a brand-new album titled “Black Soul Vendetta” features 13 new songs. The band is a collaboration between long term friends, Alex Cooper (producer) and drummer Lars Wickett, along with guitarists Baz Blackett and Kieran Topp and Jamie Downes on bass duties.

Building on the success of the previous album “Dark Manoeuvres”, Devilfire attempted to introduce an even more sophisticated approach to their hard rock, along these lines “Black Soul Vendetta”  retains all their characteristic elements including the majestic harmonies, the melodic guitar lines and driving bass, this time adding bolder opening guitar riffs, lengthier choruses, bigger choirs and groovier rhythm section.

“Black Soul Vendetta” is first and foremost a songwriting-driven album emphasizing on infectious guitar harmonies and irresistible vocal melodies. Songs like “Dream Evil”, “Live a Lie”, “Sell my Soul” and “What you Pay for” perfectly justify why these rock guys were eager to participate in this project. It has to be addressed that ” Black Soul Vendetta ” is far from an over-produced album, in fact, by contemporary production standards you could label it as minimalistic, particularly when considering the rather thin drum sound.

One has to admit the cover artwork could have been more inspiring-still the material inside is proven consistent, intense and memorable. Overall a great choice for fans of melodic hard rock.

Band Members
Alex Cooper – Lead Vocals
Baz Blackett – Guitars
Kieran Topp – Guitars
Jamie Downes – Bass
Lars Wickett – Drums

Additional Musicians
Ash Sheehan
Eric Dover
Marcia Lynette
Nick Jeavons

01 Cruelest Animal 3:27
02 Chasing The Pain 3:58
03 Live A Lie 3:33
04 Vendetta 3:55
05 Dead Man Walking 3:53
06 Dream Evil 3:55
07 Justify 3:52
08 Sell My Soul 4:36
09 You’re Gonna Break My Heart 4:53
10 What You Pay For 5:11
11 Black Soul Bones 4:37
12 Decadence 3:54
13 Wasn’t It Love? 5:30





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