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DeVicious – Never Say Never [2018]

DeVicious is a new outfit on its first release. The band is put together by well established musicians Gisbert Royder (Andi Deris Band), Lars Nippa (ZAR, Chryztyne, Umbra et Imago u.v.a.) Radivoj Petrovic (Near Dark, Johnny B) and Alex Frey (Castaway, Warrior Bang) among with vocalist Mister Sanders (aka Zoran Sandorov, Serbian National Theater) and keyboardist Denis Kunz. It is very likely that the name might mislead you in thinking that this is an AOR project which is far from the truth. DeVicious is a proper hard rock band with rough lead vocals intense drumming and aggressive guitars.

What separates DeVicious from the other melodic hard rock bands is that “Never Say Never” is filled with lead guitar melodies and extensive guitar solos that go beyond typical hard rock, furthermore it seems that the whole album is actually built around the guitar parts which are as much in the spotlight as the lead vocals. Having played the album a good number of times, I am still surprised by the quality of the compositions as every riff, every melody and every chorus counts, amounting to a memorable album baring a musical identity of its own. Songs like the opener “Everything” and “Penthouse Floor” should be more than enough to convince any fan of the genre that DeVicious are all about substance. The album also benefits from a rather thick production that does not undermine the hard rock quality of DeVicious while effectively bringing to front the guitar attack and the harmonious keyboards which makes the end result all the more exciting.

Having said the above, one feels the need to insist that there is no fault with the album as a musical offering, it does feature solid songwriting, strong performances and top-notch production therefore definitely worth the attention of melodic ard rock enthusiasts. DeVicious demonstrates undeniable potential and could develop into a first class melodic hard rock act if band members decide to put out more album of this short.

Band Members
Mister Sanders – Vocals
Raidvoj Petrovic – Lead Guitar
Alex Frey – Bass
Gisbert Royder – Rhythm Guitar
Denis Kunz – Keyboards
Lars Nippa – Drums

01. Everything
02. Penthouse Floor
03. One Track Mind
04. Lullaby
05. A Night to Remember
06. Crying in the Rain
07. Calling Angels
08. Hand in Hand
09. Never Say Never
10. The Silence

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