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Danko Jones – Below the Belt [2010]


“Below the belt” was my introduction to the sound of Canadian hard rock artist/band “Danko Jones”. Having been labelled as hard rock by the press, in addition to the super stylish album cover, made this a very intriguing purchase.There is a good number of bands that attempt to play classic hard rock nowadays, going back to the 70s-early 80s formula, yet “Danko Jones” definitely stands as one of the most effective, if not the best at it.

What separates this band from most traditional hard rock bands is that beyond the classic riffs and production they ‘spray’ every note rock-star attitude. This comes mainly down to Danko himself, laying the lead vocals and guitars, he is a vital part of the overall sound. His vocals carry the very essence of attitude fuelled hard rock a style that proves consistent regardless of the mood or tempo of each track. His guitar playing ranges from hard rock riffs to sleaze rock rhythm parts while the majority of solos are well thought and very interesting for the listener.

The rhythm section of bass player John Clabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius fully recreate classic rock rhythm patterns, serving as the foundation for the band’s classic rock sound. Plus, the production, for that matter, is really thick being ideally balanced between high, mid and low range.

“Below the belt” is a very convincing and therefore enjoyable classic hard rock record, with its standouts being probably songs with fast paced lyrics and playful guitar riffs, including the opener “Thinking bad thoughts”, “Active volcanoes”, and “Full of regret”.

The album proved a very pleasant surprise from a band that evidently is built for classic hard rock; Regardless of musical labels, if you are looking for an album built on rock-star style with all the extravaganza that comes with it, then “Below the belt” is in order! Really exciting work. “Rockhard” Greek magazine (issue 51) marks this album with 8/10 commenting: “If you fancy listening to an album for a really good time, get `Below the belt’.”

Band Members
Danko Jones – Vocals, guitar
John Calabrese – Bass
Damon Richardson – Drums

01. I Think Bad Thougths
02. Active Volcanoes
03. Tonight Is Fine
04. Magic Snake
05. Had Enough
06. (I Can’t Handle) Moderation
07. Full of Regret
08. The Sore Loser
09. Like Dynamite
10. Apology Accepted
11. I Wanna Break Up with You

Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
12. Guest List Blues
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Proletariat

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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