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Dalton – Injection [1989]


When talking about some of the best melodic rock bands came out of Sweden “Dalton” should be close to the top of the list. The second album “Injection” from the swedes Dalton released in 1989 had it to the contrast to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” very hard to based to take hold. Even if they had all the trademarkes which were requested for the breakthrough, a great bunch of ultra commercial AOR anthems, the typically 80s poser outfit and a powerful record company (EMI) behind them, but the album became just a minor success in Sweden and didn’t got much attention abroad.

And it’s rare when a group with so much quality goes so unnoticed, especially when they have worked with renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Michael Bolton in writing songs for their first album, while Mats “Dalton” Dahlberg, the drummer was also a member of the supergroup (also Swedish, of course) Treat. We come again into the high pleasure of a straight production and terrific songs, a little more bigger sounding than their first album, while all songs are mainly underlined with the keyboards as well.

There are some wonderful hummable tracks on this one. The choruses are so memorable. Who can forget the ramble of “Love Injection” and “Go For It!” which open the album with a few jokes, unanswerable temones and a chorus worthy of any big time. The big chants happening on “Like an Angel”, a song that is a single cut. Fantastic keys and a catchy powerful chorus create an incredible melodic tune. The mid tempo “Lonely” is a nice AOR ballad with nice keys, atmosphere and feeling youthful while on “Love Hurts” there’s a booming anthemic approach. A hard driving melodic piece with great riffs and a harmomy powerful chorus that definitely will stuck in your head. “Dressed to Kill” is perhaps the anthem of the album without reducing the quality of the other songs.

The dynamic arising from the keys in combination with the guitars offer us another incredible song with catchy refrain. “Why Don’t You Love Me?” is another stormer song with big backing vocals, great chorus and a nice key solo in the middle while the best track in my opinion is the rather killer “Love Lie”. A song that shows the band’s technical virtues both on keys and guitars close to synth rock style and reminds the early works of Journey and Boston. Great tune, not to be missed. “Wild Tonight” is another great hard rockin’ tune with sparkling keyboard and great melody while on “Heartbroken” the keyboard intro was the best part of the track, with the song becoming too slow and too sappy even for a ballad. But that one song is certainly tolerable in the context of the album itself. “Comin’ on Strong” is one more outstanding hard rock song putting more emphasis on guitars with impressive key fills and “Wake You Up” closing this record, a song beyond the catchy chorus and harmony rhythm offers an impressive key melody.

Although I tried to be very brief the whole album is a true masterpiece There’s no weak point here. It is an expression on how hard rock should be. If you’re fan of big hooks, catchy choruses and tones of keys this album should be in every melodic hard rock fan’s collection. Highly recommended!!!………

Band Members
Bo Lindmark – Lead vocals
Mats Dahlberg – Drums, backing vocals
Anders Lindmark – Bass, backing vocals
Leif Westfahl – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Ola Lindstrom – Keyboards, backing vocals

1. Go For It!
2. Love Injection
3. Like an Angel
4. Lonely
5. Love Hurts
6. Dressed to Kill
7. Why Don’t You Love Me?
8. Love Lie
9. Wild Tonight
10. Heartbroken
11. Comin’ on Strong
12. Wake You Up



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