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Confess – Burn ’em All [2020]

After several years of touring, writing and pledging their legion to rock ‘n’ roll music, the Swedish five pieces combo took some time off to write the hits for their third official studio album. It’s for sure their most honest and well-crafted release so far. Some would say it’s the perfect mix between their debut album “Jail” and the follow-up “Haunters”.

Still the band have transcended, over the years, from a sleaze rock group to a full blown sleaze/hair metal outfit with uncompromising guitar attack, unreserved drumming (double kicks, toms, and speeding tempos all included) plus sleazy, yet more melodic than you would expect, vocals, all this under a totally metallic production. This new album is amongst the most diverse `Sleaze metal’ albums of the year, and credit has to be given to the guys for pushing the boundaries of this particular seemingly-limited genre.

The basic recipe for the songs on “Burn ‘em All” consists of rock’n roll opening riffs, rather melodic bridges and hard rocking choruses while the overall production is considerably more polished in comparison to their previous albums. In addition, the guitar leads are much more sophisticated than on their previous releases. One gets a fair amount of guitar melodies while the solos are more extensive and technical than before. So you can expect loud but sleazy guitar riffs topped by short yet effective leads, dark bass lines and a crystal clear production that delivers every bit the performance intensity of Confess.

Songwriting-wise “Burn ‘em All” is an incredibly accomplished sleaze metal album, an ideal choice for any fan on `Sleaze metal’. 11 out of 11 songs on the album are favorites.

Band Members
John Elliot – Lead vocals
Blomman – Guitar
Pontus – Guitar
Ludwig – Bass
Sam Samael – Drums

01. So What?
02. Malleus
03. Welcome Insanity
04. A Beautiful Mind
05. Heresy
06. Burn ’em All
07. Is It Love
08. My Vicious Way
09. 509
10. Prominence
11. One For The Road

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Confess - Burn 'em All [2020], 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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