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Coldspell – Infinite Stargaze [2009]

This band took me by surprise. First of all, what is going on with all the quality bands from Sweden? Secondly, Coldspell is like the second coming of John Sykes and Blue Murder. I read a few good reviews by chance and thought I would check it out. The samples blew me away and then I finally got the CD in the mail and all I can say is awesome.

This album is full of excellent epic songs that are carried by massive guitar riffs and one of the best voices in rock ever. There is not a weak point in the entire album. The production is huge to match the epic songs and the keyboards add that extra spice to the overall groove. I can’t even single out particular tracks because it is all so good but the highlight for me is the intense riffing and memorable vocal melodies. Finally we have a hard rock guitarist with some groove in their guitar playing.

This is a very satisfying release for fans of heavy melodic rock like Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Pink Cream 69, and Eclipse. I am confident in giving it the full 5 stars – play it loud and enjoy!

Band Members
Matti Eklund – Keyboards
Micke Larsson – Guitars
Niclas Swedentorp – Vocals
Tobbe Broström – Drums
Tommi Partanen – Bass

01. Keep On Believing (5:05)
02. Solid Ground (3:44)
03. Raving Mad (4:26)
04. Eye Of The Storm (4:29)
05. Straight Things Out (4:28)
06. Night Falls (5:04)
07. Fade Away (6:07)
08. Greed (5:04)
09. Shot Down (5:05)
10. All I Want (5:32)
11. Surrounded (3:51)
12. Infinite Stargaze (7:07)

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