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Casanova – Casanova [1991]


The debut album from Casanova is an all time classic! A band that nearly every melodic rock fan should know, but few actually do. Their roots began in such classic and esteemed German hard rock/ heavy metal bands such as Mad Max and Warlock. Formed in 1990 when Warlock producer, Henry Staroste, brought vocalist Michael Voss (Mad Max, Demon Drive, Silver) and drummer Michael Eurich (Warlock) together to craft the debut album, plus guitarist Stephan Neumeier and bassist Jurgen Attig, two very well known former session players who’d worked with Rainbirds.

The record caused waves throughout the hard rock and metal scenes all over Europe and Asia and gained massive feedback from both fans and critics and is internationally considered to be one of 1991’s classic hard rock albums these days, but Casanova never got their shot in the States. Casanova released their self-titled debut in 1991. This is an album that by all rights should have been huge in the U.S., but was strangely overlooked. They were obviously inspired by the Hollywood hair metal scene, but Casanova replaced sleaze and hairspray with perfect melodies and that uniquely European polish and production. This truly is a perfect hard rock album. You may listen to the things that probably you’re expecting in a record of this sort of music. Perfect harmony vocals, stunning riffs, great drum work and catchy chorus. What more to ask….

“Don’t Talk About Love” is the perfect melodic rock opener and one of the album’s highlight. A great up-tempo rocker, having a high-pitched refrain, powerful chorus, great rhythm and hard guitar work and a good pulsing vibe, while “Burning Love” is a truly sensational song that has awesome guitar works and big hooks. Voss sounds terrific here. Proving he could do radio-friendly melodic rock with as much style and spirit as he did in Mad Max. “Living a Lie” is the first ballad of the album, a cool track with lots of acoustic guitar arrangement, followed by the rocker “The Girl is Mine” opening with a great up-tempo intro, great guitar riffs, a passionate chorus and Voss gets back to his early screaming style that basically sucks. “Rome Burns” is a short intermezzo ballad with acoustic guitars and we get to one of my favourite songs of the album “Love Lies”. An acoustic driven mid-tempo verse that turns into an extremely catchy refrain having a quite good guitar work, whether it’s the catchy hooks or the sweet melodies, where the mix and all the instruments sounds very balanced. With “Bang Bang” they speed up again, but beyond some nice guitars riffs is an average rocker. “Sticky Sweet” opens with a remarkable slow intro turns to a mid-tempo rocker with cutters guitars, catchy melodies and a great vocal line, you’ll love.

As we go closer to the finish of the album so it becomes even better and prove of this is the next song “Back to the Wall” one of the album highlight and personal favourite, where its melodic rhythm continue to be stuck in my head after all these years. The song begins with a great drum guitar riff and an awseome solo before the ultra catchy chorus will blown you away. There are no easy words to describe such a track, followed by the soaring “Ride the Wings of Freedom” and the great powerful rocker “Hollywood Angels” that will satisfy every melodic rock fan with their great rhythm guitars and catchy choruses and we close the album with the monster ballad “Heaven Can Wait”, a passionate, piano-based ballad that only west coast bands could write before. The feeling you get from the song is incredible bringing your images and moments from the past.

One of my favourite albums of that ear with some really huge tracks in it. In fact it’s very hard for someone to find a weak moment here. Huge catchy choruses and melodic hook lines with amazing guitar work and great inspired vocals, make this album a must own for the fans of guitar driven melodic rock sound. Highly recommended!!!

Band members
Michael Voss – Lead vocals, guitar
Michael Eurich – Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Stephen Neumeier – Guitar, backing vocals
Jurgen Attig – Bass, backing vocals

1. Don’t Talk About Love
2. Burning Love
3. Living a Lie
4. The Girl is Mine
5. Rome Burns
6. Love Lies
7. Bang Bang
8. Sticky Sweet
9. Back to the Wall
10. Ride the Wings of Freedom
11. Hollywood Angels
12. Heaven Can Wait

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