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Buckcherry – Rock N Roll [2015]

“Rock ‘n’ Roll” is the seventh studio album by American rock band Buckcherry, released on August 21, 2015. If I were to give my honest and objective opinion about “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” I would say that it surely is not Buckcherry’s best album; I wouldn’t classify this as their worst either, but it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Buckcherry has been a favorite band of mine since their debut album dropped in 1999. I followed them intently until they disbanded after their “Time Bomb” album in 2001, but actually felt that they released their strongest material starting with “15” in 2005. I enjoyed most of their album up till “Confessions” a couple years back, and man, since then they have steadily continued to decline in my eyes. This brings me to their newest effort “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and what I feel they did well, and maybe not so well.

The most notable thing about this record is that Buckcherry seems to make an effort – albeit a seemingly small effort- to return to their sleaze-rocking past. Songs like “The Madness” and “Bring it Back” ooze that sleazy vibe that made these guys stick out, while “Sex Appeal” has a classic Van Halen vibe that makes it a favorite of mine. The rest of the album is where the problems lay for me: bad songs, horrible song writing, and just too many mid-tempo filler songs. Now when I say filler, I absolutely mean songs that are there simply to take up space and time on an album. Tracks like “Wood” and “Tight Pants” seem like they could have been written by my six year old nephew, while a myriad of mellow songs reach a cheese factor that could make ‘80s hair bands laugh (and ‘80s hair metal is my favorite music).

The album is actually not all that terrible when you give it a couple listens. It most assuredly is not “15” or “Black Butterfly,” and that’s fair, but sometimes you have to wonder if that special something that Buckcherry had at one point is now a thing of the past.

Band Members
Josh Todd – Vocals
Keith Nelson – Guitars
Kelly Lemieux – Bass
Stevie D – Guitars
Xavier Muriel – Drums

01. Bring It On Back
02. Tight Pants
03. A Wish To Carry On
04. The Feeling Never Dies
05. Cradle
06. The Madness
07. Wood
08. Rain’s Falling
09. Sex Appeal
10. Get With It
11. I’ve Done Everything For You [Japan Bonus Track]
12. Mama Kin [Japan Bonus Track]

Jonathan Weller

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