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The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker [1990]

I would venture to guess that the song She Talks To Angels is responsible for more broken guitar strings than any other song in the last 25 years. You see, She Talks To Angels has one of those great acoustic riffs that every new guitarist wants to learn (much like Over The Hills And Far Away or Wish You Were Here). But because She Talks To Angels is performed using “open E” tuning, it means that two guitar strings have to be raised a full step, and another string raised a half-step in order to play the song. Needless to say, you have to be careful when tightening the strings or… POP!! You learn the hard way! She Talks To Angels is a great song that has certainly left its mark on rock history. A mountain of broken strings is your proof.

When The Black Crowes arrived on the scene in 1990 they were a refreshing presence. They were old and they were new. The Black Crowes were old because they wore their 70’s rock influences on their sonic sleeve. They were new because not many bands were practitioners of the “classic rock” sound at the time. Many a young rock fan raised on MTV and glam metal hadn’t even heard the slew of 70’s rock bands that had influenced The Black Crowes. So hey, it was new to them!

Shake Your Money Maker contains no less than five essential songs — Twice As Hard, Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels, Thick N’ Thin, and Hard To Handle. Except for Hard To Handle, all the songs on the album were written by the Robinson brothers. Guitarist Rich came up with some great riffs (Twice As Hard is probably my fave). And his brother Chris had the perfect voice for this brand of rock — a very smooth delivery with a slight rasp. He also had a touch of blues, and even gospel, in his voice. Together the two brothers and The Black Crowes made a timeless slice of rock n’ roll. This kind of thing seems to have a universal appeal, and never shows its age. No wonder Shake Your Money Maker is currently sitting at 5X platinum!

Band Members
Chris Robinson – Vocals
Jeff Cease – Guitars
Johnny Colt – Bass
Rich Robinson – Guitars
Steve Gorman – Drums

01. Twice As Hard (4:08)
02. Jealous Again (4:34)
03. Sister Luck (5:12)
04. Could I’ve Been So Blind (3:42)
05. Seeing Things (5:16)
06. Hard To Handle (3:06)
07. Thick ‘n’ Thin (2:43)
08. She Talks To Angels (5:30)
09. Struttin’ Blues (4:08)
10. Stare It Cold (5:14)

Jeff from Play it Loud

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