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Blood Red Saints – Love Hate Conspiracies [2018]

British hard rock band “Blood Red Saints” have returned with their second studio album “Love Hate Conspiracies”, a follow up to their 2015 debut “Speedway”. The new album sees two new Saints baptised to join original members Pete Godfrey, Rob Naylor (bass) and Lee Revill (guitars). Neil Hibbs (formerly of Arkhams Razor, Shy) joins to add a harder edge with crunching guitars for a tougher approach for both live and studio work. Andy Chemney (drums) was an obvious choice having worked with Rob in their previous band Angels Or Kings.

In comparison to its predecessor, “Love Hate Conspiracies” is a considerable step ahead for the band, putting across a substantially heavier sound, moving from subtle AOR to melodic hard rock. A quality of “Love Hate Conspiracies” the comes across immediately is the guitar driven approach to their sound. The guitarists switch from rhythm parts, to melodic lines, to riffs-hence the six strings are consistent throughout the album, clearly the protagonist instrument. Equally significant is, as you would expect, the contribution of lead singer Godfrey who’s vocal melodies commonly harmonize with the guitars making the choruses all the more memorable.

We are definitely looking at a great start to finish album with “Love Hate Conspiracies” which is exactly what a fan who enjoyed their debut would demand from the group. Each and every song is filled with incredible melodies and choruses. Substantial melodic guitar lines and fulfilling rhythm section. The album is a real joy to play over and over, thanks to the solid song-writing and straight-to-the-point performances.

Songs like “Another Freak”, “Wake Up”, “Love Hate Conspiracies”, “Sometimes” and “Turn On the Night” are intense melodic hard rockers built on a sequence of infectious vocal and instrumental harmonies. The album features a writing and vocal contribution from Paul Laine (The Defiants) on ‘Is it over’ and a track ‘Turn on the Night’, written by Steve Brown (Trixter, Def Leppard, Tokyo Motor Fist)Mixing and production was handled by Simon Humphrey who has worked with some of the biggest acts in music over many years and his input was invaluable in producing this record. Another very worthy album amongst the best releases of 2018 so far.

Band Members
Paul Godfrey – Vocals
Lee Revill – Guitar
Neil Hibbs – Guitar
Rob Naylor – Bass
Adam Chemney – Drums

01. Another Freak
02. Live & Die
03. Wake Up
04. Exit Wounds
05. Something In Your Kiss
06. Love Hate Conspiracies
07. Arms Wide Open
08. It Is Over
09. Sometimes
10. Rise Again
11. Turn On The Night

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Blood Red Saints - Love Hate Conspiracies [2018], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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