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Axia – Axia [1988]

2004 reissue of the debut album of poser hard rock/glam metal band `Axia’ (1988). Hailing from Sweden, `Axia’ consisted of lead singer Peo Pettersson, lead guitarist Morgan Blomquist, bass player Niclas Ericson and drummer Michael Alexandersen. This reissue includes the 10-track self titled album plus 4 additional songs taken from their 1985 MLP.

Although the band very much fits in the glam/poser genre of the 80s their sound borrows a lot from early 80s AOR as far as melodies and song structures are concerned: Although `Axia’ includes a good amount of direct party rockers such as `It ain’t love’, `On my way’ and `Increasing action’ their advantage lies on mid tempo tracks such as `Loser’ and `Falling Apart’; these are monumental performances in their own right as the atmosphere and emotion overwhelm the listener.

The performances are flawless throughout the album and you can expect to find large choruses occasional twin guitar harmonies and a fair amount of keyboards that intensify the AOR element in the sound of `Axia’.

Overall, if I had to relate their sound to another band that would be `Joshua’ specifically their debut `The hand is quicker than the eye’ as it is filled with the same intensity emphasizing the more dramatic moments of the album. For fans and collectors of 80s AOR, hard rock and glam metal this is another release that, for its biggest part, stands the test of time.

Band Members
Michael Alexandersen – Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals # 11-14
Michael Pethrus – Drums, Backing Vocals
Morgan Blomquist – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Niclas Ericson – Bass & Backing Vocals # 11-14
Peo Pettersson – Lead & Backing Vocals & Keyboards, Guitars # 11-14
Peter Andersson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Robert Jacobsson – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

01. Intro (1:10)
02. It Ain’t Love (3:34)
03. Loser (5:17)
04. In For Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:27)
05. Falling Apart (4:55)
06. On My Way (2:33)
07. Angela (3:13)
08. Get Down (3:49)
09. Confession Of Love (3:57)
10. Fire (3:15)
11. Increasing Action [’04 Bonus Track] (2:29)
12. Forced Into Darkness [’04 Bonus Track] (4:38)
13. Never Ending Love [’04 Bonus Track] (3:12)
14. The Savage Ramblers [’04 Bonus Track] (3:32)

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