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Attraction – Get Up N’ Shake [1999]

This is another masterpiece totally stuck in the 80s, in the tradition of all the bands we used to love twenty years ago. Attraction come out of the blue to provide a nostalgia trip of epic proportions, proving that good music is relevant in any era, not just that era defined as they heyday of that particular sound.

These guys from New York can easily be described as the new sensation, because their super commercial late 80s US melodic rock style on their debut album “Get Up ‘n Shake” is not only sounding superb, but is also up there with similar bands such as Firehouse, Valentine, Heavens Edge, Danger Danger, Red Dawn, etc.

Listening to this brings you back to the 80s where girls wore skin tight jeans high heels and enough hair spray to tease a head of hair three feet in the air…This band can write super catchy melodic hook laden rock songs that will not get out of your head after you heard it once. Most of the songs are party anthems, with great harmonies, choruses, guitar work and production by House Of Lords frontman James Christian.

“Get Up ‘n Shake” introduces you to what is about to slam your ears against the wall with pounding riffs, crisp vocals, a wall of backing vocals delivering the hugest of choruses, and although you might not expect it, some killer guitar too. Just listen it and you know you have gone back to the late 80s, because this song is chock full of harmonies and is si damn cheerful, you just can’t ignore to sing-a-long. “Save Me Now” is commercial heaven, with an energetic up tempo melodic rock style with heavy emphasis on rhythm guitars that reminds me of Heavens Edge and all the other mentioned bands, while the chorus is to die for. Great tune!!! Notable are the keyboards that have been added to the huge arena melodic rock sound of Attraction, because they were done by Mr. Pomp Jeff Cannata. The music of Attraction though has nothing in common with Cannata’s music and the keyboards are always pushed to the back. But in the song “More Than You Know” they are very much alive, because this song is a classic power AOR rock ballad in the best late 80s tradition of bands like Firehouse, Damn Yankees, etc. “More Than You Know” is a power killer ballad to hear with any girl you ever dreamed! “Story Book” is a sensational highlight in melodic glam hard rock, “Things Were Better” will be irresistible to all listeners with it’s perfect 80s style execution and memories, and “Summer Days” ensures that even if you don’t have a convertible car you will hacksaw the roof off your car just so you can play this with the top down, are the best on this record in my opinion. These three songs are all catchy up tempo AOR/melodic rockers with beautiful melodic harmony vocals, keyboards, sing-a-long choruses, memorable hookliness and this all packed in a superb 80s cheerful sound. The up tempo melodic rocker “Next Time” is one more amazing commercial glam, close to Danger Danger styled with a simple but catchy chorus. “Gone But Not Forgotten” is a classic power ballad, a semi up tempo melodic AOR rocker actually I said, very melodic and might have been radio friendly, while “Lickity Split” is a killer raunchy rocker and by the time the album finishes you haven’t heard of a filler, but just nine absolute gems in a row. The 28 seconds song “Love In Overdrive” closing the disc. Is a short acapella tune that features rather interesting harmony vocals.

If you’re attracted to that late 80s pop metal sound, then this is a must own. This album is full of fun, catchy hard rock hooks that instantly sink into your ears and have you humming the songs for days to come, plus the choruses all have that big, punchy sound, complete with stacked backing vocals. Although this disc is the year of 1999 edition, all the tracks were apparently recorded between 1988 and 1991. Have I over-reacted to this CD? Perhaps, but for me this brings everything that was perfect about a genre of music and delivers it in one sensational hard rocking package. Highly Recommended!!!

Band Members
Adrian Stone – Lead vocals
Jayson Cole – Drums
Brad L’Nart – Bass, bcaking vocals, lead vocals
Jeff White – Guitars, backing vocals
Marc Proto – Guitars, backing vocals

Additional Musicians
James Christian – Guest acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Canata – Guest keyboards

1. Get Up ‘n Shake
2. Save Me Now
3. More Than You Know
4. Story Book
5. Things Were Better
6. Summer Days
7. Next Time
8. Gone But Not Forgotten
9. Lickity Split
10. Love In Overdrive


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