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Alan Friedman – The Test Of Time [2002]

Alan Friedman - The Test Of Time (front)“Alan Friedman is neither your typical guitarist nor your typical Certified Public Accountant. Having grown up listening to groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and TOTO, and guitarists like Jimi, Clapton, Beck, Bolin and (his bar-none favorite) Steve Lukather, he’s fused his love of guitar and passion for hook and groove vocals tunes into this 1st CD entitled “The Test of Time.”

Alan and his CPA firm are immersed in the music industry, which has allowed Alan to recruit some close friends (and clients) on this album. Bobby Kimball (lead singer of TOTO), Robbie LeBlanc (Blanc Faces), bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Will Calhoun and vocalist Corey Glover (all of Living Colour fame), drummer Jonathan Mover (Alice Cooper, Joe Satriani), keyboard maestro Vince DiCola, singer Bernard Fowler (background vocalist of The Rolling Stones, Living Colour), bassist Dave Stoltz (Dickey Betts Band), guitarist Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Graham Nash, Joe Cocker, etc.) and many others have contributed their musical talents to this varied CD of classic rock, funk-rock, rock&pop, and power ballads.

The tunes on this CD were all written by Alan, with a few collaborations with keyboardist / songwriter Jeff Batter and one tune with singer Bobby Kimball.
Amazingly, this CD was recorded during non-tax-season months over the past 7 years in Alan’s basement studio, and mixed at NYC’s Skyline Studios by ace-engineers Fran Flannery (Fuel, Aerosmith, Creed) and Danny Bernini (NRBQ, The Power Station, Mary J. Blige).

This CD has already created a “buzz” in Japan and Europe (due mostly to Alan’s relationship with members of Toto), with the U.S. fans following right behind.
Check out this CD; you’ll think twice about accountants “.

Alan’s homage to Deep Purple career on “Who Do You Think We Are?” is awesome, with astonishing vocals by Robbie LaBlanc. Do you like Living Colour?… well, “Voodoo Love” sounds like a ‘Vivid’ album outtake. “Lakelear Meltdown” must be listen with headphones, a lovely tribute to the Rock N’ Roll history. And more… it’s always a pleasure to listen Bobby Kimball singing good songs. Check “Nearly Down The Road”… WOW! rocks!

Indie release, unknown and too good to be true… Highly Recommended.

Bobby Kimball – Vocals # 1,9
Robbie LaBlanc – Vocals # 2,6,8,13,14
Bernard Fowler – Vocals # 3,7
Sallt Eckels – Vocals # 4)
Paul Lombardo – Vocals # 5,10
Corey Glover – Vocals # 11
Jeff Batter – Vocals # 12
Alan Friedman – Guitars
Jeff Pevar,Bryan LeMar – Additional Guitars
Jonathan Mover,Will Calhoun,Chris Ryan – Drums
Vince DiCola,Jeff Batter,Mark Tannenbaum – Keyboards
David Stoltz,Doug Wimbish,Ron Bienstock – Bass
Jennifer Lowe,Tony Genevive,Chri Ryan – Percussion
Jimmy Biggins – Saxophone
Bobby Kimball,Robbie LaBlanc,Brian LaBlanc,Gail Schiro,Nancy Battistini,Jeff Batter,Sally Eckels,Joel Eckels,John Hopkins,Tommy Russo,Paul Kombardo – Backing vocals

01. Side By Side
02. Who Do You Think We Are?
03. Voodoo Love
04. Someone To Blame
05. Real Bad News
06. The Test Of Time
07. Land Of Hate
08. That Dress
09. Nearly Down The Road
10. Love Won’t Take You Down
11. Grinding
12. Back In My Arms
13. The Prognosis
14. Lakelear Meltdown

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