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Quadrant – Sector 1 [1995]


Style Hard Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Cassandra DeGroodt – Vocals, Keith Garrett – Guitars, Gary Funk – Keyboards,backing vocals, Bill Kirsch – Bass, Dave DeGroodt – Drums

Tracks 01. Digital Nightmare, 02. My Expectations (ME), 03. Pass the Buck, 04. Crystalline Rock, 05. Can I Touch you?, 06. Your Own Understanding (YOU), 07. Hidden Feelings, 08. A New Idea, 09. Just a Number, 10. Before the Storm, 11. Escape

Profile if you are looking for obscure U.S. hard rock / aor indies don’t pass this one up…you will love the perfect blend of keyboards and guitars on this one. The band sounds like a mix between Vixen to Laos with some really killer songs and lots of progressive elements. All songs are really interesting, and while vocalist Cassandra DeGroodt feels quite amateurish at places, the rest of the band are fairly good musicians. Cassandra’s vocal performance is sometimes, I’d say, weak and erratic, and the mix does not help much – a shame, because Gary Funk’s keyboard runs are pretty fan-damn-tastic. Gary uses a wonderful arsenal of vintage analog synths – a Pomp trademark sound – complemented by Keith Garret’s old-school guitar set-up which turn things very classy regarding this genre.

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Quadrant - Sector 1 [1995], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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