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Negative – Anorectic [2006]

Country Finland          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Antti Anatomy – Bass, Jay Slammer – Drums, Jonne Aaron – Vocals, Larry – Guitar, Mr. Snack – Keyboards

01. Arrival, 02. Glory Of The Shame, 03. Reflections, 04. One Last Shot, 05. Fading Yourself, 06. Planet Of The Sun, 07. A Song For The Broken Hearted, 08. Sinner’s Night/Misty Morning, 09. Swans, 10. Stop Fuckin’ Around, 11. Embracing Past, 12. We Can’t Go On, 13. In Memoriam (Immortal Peace)


I first heard about `Negative’ a few years back, on The band is a glam metal outfit from Finland which have enjoyed considerable success in their home country and Japan in particular so I was intrigued to get a hold of their work; Unfortunately, I never came across any of their albums in stores- that is until today!

“Anorectic” (2006) is the band’s third studio album and the second album to reach number one at the Finnish charts. Although their sound is unmistakably metallic, featuring thick rhythm guitars, forceful lead vocals and lead guitar parts in no shortage, the album benefits from a very polished production bringing to front some very subtle and melodic keyboards and minor orchestral arrangements.

Although it is generally accepted that glam metal bands are represented better by rough mixing, in the case of `Negative’ the polished sound works to their advantage; a fact that becomes clear when one concentrates on their slower songs where the listener comes to appreciate the clarity of the string instruments, not to mention that it makes the end of the song even more climactic.

The `Anorectic’ line up features vocalist Jonne Aaron, guitarists Larry Love and Sir Christus, bass player Antti Anatomy, drummer Jay Slammer and key player Mr. Snack.

Another very positive attribute of `Anorectic’ is that the latter part of the album is all the more aggressive and electric moving further away from the radio friendly rock sound that probably characterizes the first songs of this release. Favorite tracks include `Planet of the sun’, `Sinner’s night’, ‘Stop f@cking around’ plus slower/climactic tracks `Song for the broken hearted’ and `Embracing past’.

So this is rather straightforward; if you enjoy modern glam rock/metal, `Anorectic’ is a very promising album.

Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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Negative - Anorectic [2006], 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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