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Motherlode – Fingerpaint [1996]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members Greg Caylin – Vocals, Tory Stoffregen – Guitar, Doug Kenworthy – Bass, Aaron Mumma – Drums

Tracks 01. Fingerpaint , 02. Drac , 03. Essence , 04. Innocence , 05. In My Head , 06. Dizzy , 07. Pain So Cool , 08. Uninspired , 09. Everything , 10. Bring It Home , 11. Double Secret Probation

Profile Motherlode was a little-known band that burned brightly for a brief moment and then was extinguished almost as quickly. They got a little airplay on very few radio stations. Those of us fortunate enough to hear them became big fans, though by the time many of us heard of them the band had already broken-up.

Finger Paint is an album that I would consider “Power Metal.” It’s too heavy to be a hair band, too slow to be considered death metal or black metal, and catchy and melodic enough to not be considered nu-metal. The singer has a distinct voice that isn’t too “clean” but also isn’t full of growls. The guitar riffs are heavy and the solos are tight. The drums are slow, methodical, and gut-pounding.

There are some great songs on this album from the harmonica-opening and memorable riffs on the album’s self-titled track, to the head-banging guitars of “Essence,” to the slow ballad of “Innocence,” to the soul-moving rhythm of “Bring It Home” (my personal favorite). Every song is top quality.

If you are a fan of good heavy metal music and have been looking for something new, yet classic; If you have been looking for some music that hasn’t been “canned,” “painted by the numbers,” and packaged solely to make the RIAA more money, then I would recommend giving this album a try. You will find that it is a rare gem among a sea of lifeless stones and, like me, you will wish the band hadn’t faded so fast. I have listened to a lot of metal music but this is one album I will never get tired of.

Scott Myers

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Motherlode - Fingerpaint [1996], 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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